Wednesday, August 6, 2014

W...W...W... Wednesday 8/6/14

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(I'm not far enough in to have a real opinion yet.)
Free for Kindle
A carefree summer in Deadhampton turns lethal when the tide washes in the body of Clea, an investigative journalist whose passions included environmental issues and more than her share of boyfriends. The suspects are all in 12-step programs, but somebody's not abstaining from murder. Soon Bruce, Jimmy and Barbara are up to their necks in sleuthing. As the summer heats up, secrets and lies start buzzing around this dream vacation like flies at a beach picnic. Bruce must find answers by Labor Day without getting himself killed.Readers who fell in love with Bruce, Barbara, and Jimmy on their previous outings will see a new side of them as they slather on sunblock and snoop their way through the Hamptons.

Just Finished Reading:

     3/4ths of the way through this book, you still don't know who died. You may, as I did, suspect, and even hope, but you won't know until almost the end. After the first chapter, I was prepared to be disappointed in this book by the same author who wrote The Husbands Secret, possibly one of my favorite books of all time.      A few chapters later, I didn't want to put the book down.
The style this is written in- a brief glimpse of the overall story, followed by police interview answers -was unique
     I particularly loved that most of the characters really didn't take themselves too seriously. Many of them joked over how ridiculous their actions were. The characters were likeable.
     This is a big book - much longer than your typical beach read. But it's a quick read, and I found it perfect for an afternoon by the lake & an evening by a campfire

Think I will Read Next:

Unerringly perceptive, superbly written, every page packed with the warmth and compassionate wisdom that have become Nancy Thayer’s trademark, Heat Wave tells the moving story of a woman who, after her seemingly perfect life unravels, must find the strength to live and love again.

Making the startling discovery that her family finances are in dire straits is only the latest shock endured by Carley Winsted after her husband’s sudden death from a heart attack. Resisting her in-laws’ well-meaning overtures to take in Carley and her two daughters, the young widow instead devises a plan to keep her family in their beloved home, a grand historic house on the island of Nantucket.

The solution is right at Carley’s front door: transforming her expensive, expansive house into a bed-and-breakfast. Not everyone, however, thinks this plan prudent or quite respectable—especially not Carley’s mother-in-law. Further complicating a myriad of challenges, a friend forces Carley to keep a secret that, if revealed, will undo families and friendships. 

When her late husband’s former law partner keeps showing up at the most unexpected times, Carley must cope with an array of mixed feelings. And then, during a late-summer heat wave, the lives of Carley and her friends and family will be forever changed in entirely unexpected ways. 

Lyrical, emotional, dramatic, and ultimately wonderfully uplifting, Nancy Thayer’s latest novel is compelling from its first page to its last

Zombie 5k Week Five

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:

Day One

I jogged the entire first 5 minute free run.  And I did 2 minutes and 3 minutes respectively in the first 15 minute free run, followed by a full five minutes again in the last 15 minute free run.

I know it's not really enough at this stage, but it's major progress for me.

But oh my - those first heel lifts about killed me.  And it didn't get much better by the last set - they HURT today!

I did a full 3 miles today too.  My time wasn't great -- but keep in mind that there is 5 minutes of stretching in the middle here... not that that makes it look much better, but it's something.  :-)

Compared To the C25k Plan:
Day One
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)

Day Two
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
Walk 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)

Day Three
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog two miles (or 20 minutes) with no walking.

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Week Eight

Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick & Easy Calzones

The secret to a good calzone?  Don't skimp on the cheese - and make sure one of the cheeses is Provolone.

Preheat your oven to 375. 

Mix up a batch of pizza dough.
1 cup warm  water
1 (2 1/4 teaspoons) envelope active dry yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
(I mix the above 3 together in a measuring cup)
1 tablespoon plus 1 1/2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 cups  flour
1 teaspoon salt

Add all of the above ingredients to a kitchen aid mixing bowl, mix together, then use the bread hook and let the kitchen aid run for a few minutes.  Or, optionally, mix by hand and knead.

Let it rise for a few minutes - but it does not need to be a full rise.

Roll into a rectangle (you can get two out of this recipe, it depends on how large you want to make them) and top with ham, pepperoni, & cheese (I use mozarella & provolone)
You can add others too - suggestions include mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage...
Sprinkle with italian seasoning & sea salt

Fold in half, shape slightly into a crescent.  Seal the edges using the flat side of a knife, or a fork.
Slice vents in the top
Sprinkle the top with more coarse sea salt & italian seasonings

I make two of these most friday nights all fall and winter.  I like to dip strips into sauce, but the boys like theirs plain, as is.

Because I make these so frequently, I get the ingredients in bulk and freeze them.

5.5 lbs of provolone is about $15 at Sam's club.
I bring it home, and chop it roughly with a large knife into 6 or 8 pieces.  
Place those pieces into a ziplock bag, and freeze - it will last for months

I do not like preshredded cheeses normally (they have an additive to keep them from clumping, which keeps them from melting as well) but this one is decent, and it's the cheapest option, and I keep it in the freezer.  $13.50 for 5lbs. 

This bag of pepperoni will last for months in the freezer.  It's around $10 at Sams's Club.

This is my favorite ham for calzones
Cut the packages in half, and put one in the freezer for later.
One package will easily make 2 calzones
This two pack is around $6 at Sam's Club

Zombie 5k Week Four

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:

This week takes more time - plan accordingly!  With the C25k workouts were all about the same length - around 30 minutes.  With Zombie 5k, you need to leave yourself about an hour for some of the work outs.  47 minutes for today.

The walking surprised me, as well as only 30 second run drills.  I'm not complaining - I don't know that I could do much more than this at this point, and I'm certainly not running the entire 15 minutes - not even half of that - at the end.  The two sets of drills do make this work out feel a lot longer, and it IS longer, but it's still not tedious.  I love this format.

It's amazing how difficult the walk fast drills are.  I'm using different muscles when doing this, and I'm feeling it.

Adding knee lifts, instead of heel lifts, this week:

Check out the temperature!  61 degrees in July.  I love it.
Pace is 18.3 by math, I still don't know how the pace is figured in this app.

Day One
Loving the lower temps and lack of real humidity this week.
But I need to carry my inhaler with me.
Today I had some blurred vision, light headedness...  I kept hearing the voice from the WiiFit - "Don't hold your breath, or you may raise your blood pressure".  I think that is what was happening.  I wasn't holding my breath, but I wasn't getting enough oxygen - I was wheezing like mad and having a lot of trouble getting air into my lungs.
I've been thinking I may need to make an appointment and see about a different prescription?  I have used this same brand inhaler for  a couple of years, maybe it's less effective?  Or maybe if I carried it with me and used it along the way....  I know, I know, it's just a pain to carry things!

Day Two
I did it!  I "run" the same path almost all of the time.  I have for a few years now.  In my head, I have the path broken into sections.  Today, for the first time, I jogged an entire section.  It's been a goal for me, but I just have not been able to do it until this morning.  This is a super short section.  I'm guessing it's about 1/5 of a mile.  Less than 1/4 of a mile.  But I did it.  The humidity is MUCH lower, and the temps are also lower, which help.

I still walked most of the free run session, but I jogged a bit at least, at the end.  I try to jog at least one full song, and then the chorus of any other songs that play, in this last 15 minutes.  For the first 3 minutes today though, I walked to catch my breath from the 30 second run drills.  

Today the program takes you out with Sam for the first part.  My husband is doing this program with me, but he's usually following me on the path, not where I am watching him.  Today when Sam was making fun of the knee lifts, Dan was laughing out loud..  and then for the last set I could see Dan doing them and I got it - it really does look funny.  :-)

Took my arm band off today at the end of this work out and thought once again that I really need to sew my own.  This one isn't quite big enough for my fat arms, and if I made my own I could add a pocket to carry my inhaler beside my phone.

Day Three

When I headed out to start day 3, I was having a miserable morning.  Then when I got to the canal, my bluetooth battery was dead and my headphones were not in the car.  I started about 2 minutes, and just turned around and went home.  I had so much to do that day, I was already overwhelmed and irritable.

It was Monday when I finished Week four.  And I started week five on Tuesday.  Back to back is not really a good idea for me, but it worked this week.

I loved how after meeting Runner 6 and having her do some of the work out with me, this installment was about saving her.  This app is SO well done, I'm continually impressed.

Compared To the C25K Program

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Walk 1/8 mile (or 90 seconds)
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 2-1/2 minutes)
  • Jog 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Walk 1/8 mile (or 90 seconds)
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
At no point have I ever been able to jog half a mile in 5 minutes.  Ever.  I certainly couldn't now.  But I am curious to try this and see how well I could do at this point..  I think the most I have jogged on a free run in the Zombie 5k program is 3 minutes straight.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Zombie 5k Week Three

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:

I need to figure out how to use google voice to record my thoughts on my drive home, and convert them to text.  I'm working on that.  It's so insanely busy around here, getting ready for football season, and our sons wedding, I am not making the time to write down my thoughts after a work out as frequently as I would like.  
I don't know what is up with the pace?
Using a calculator, I come up with 18.50 a mile.  Better than week two!

44.33 divided by 2.31 is 19.28 - not 23.26?  
I'm not sure why the pace is not calculating correctly.  Unless that's my pace when I hit stop mission?

Overall, I am truly loving this program.  So much.  
I don't like to pay for apps.  I paid $1.99 for this one, and honestly, it is worth so much more.  This is like a $10 app.  Really.  It's worth it.

Two and 1/4 miles in 43 minutes?  I walk faster than that.  It is frustrating for me - last year I was jogging this entire path, this year I can't even jog full sections of the exact same path.  Mostly I am having trouble breathing, but today my muscles hurt too.  I'm starting to think I should start the program over.  I feel like i"m just to the point of fitness where if I did this again now I could maybe do it "right"?  I worry that I walk WAY too much of the free run portions.  I'm feeling certain that at the end of eight weeks there is no way I will be running 3 miles.

But every step in this program is so much better than nothing at all - even if I don't do it well enough, at least I'm trying.  I can always start again once I finish it.  I won't give up - but I do hope I can do better.

Compared to the C25K Program:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following:
  • Jog 200 yards (or 90 seconds)
  • Walk 200 yards (or 90 seconds)
  • Jog 400 yards (or 3 minutes)
  • Walk 400 yards (or three minutes)
(at this point, I don't think I could complete the training above.)

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