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NEPAG 10th Anniversary Geocaching Event

The Official 10th Anniversary NEPAG GeoEvent Photo Which we aren't in, because we were, as usual, late.  Because we were finding a geocache.  LOL!
I am not sure we are really cut out for most geocaching events.

First, we are almost always late.  When we travel an hour or more (and almost all the events we attend are 1.5-3 hours away) we geocache on our way there. That's kind of the point for us.

But inevitably, that takes longer than we expect.  Especially when we run into REALLY AWESOME caches like the one at Black Forest library.  It took us longer than expected, but it was so worth it!  After way too many guardrail caches on our way to this event, this super well thought out, mildly challenging, creative cache was especially appreciated.

LOVE these smiley rocks for paperweights - what a great idea!
So as usual, we were about 20 minutes late to the NEPAG event.  Which means we probably missed all the information that would have been helpful, and made this event more enjoyable for …

YA Geocaching themed Novels

While compiling a list of geocaching themed mystery novels, I came across several YA novels also with a geocaching theme.  

Code by Kathy Reichs Tory and the rest of the Virals are put to the ultimate test when they find a geocache containing an ornate puzzle box. Shelton decodes the cipher inside, only to find more tantalizing clues left by "The Gamemaster." A second, greater geocache is within reach—if the Virals are up to the challenge. But the hunt takes a dark turn when Tory locates the other box—it contains a fake bomb, along with a sinister proposal from The Gamemaster. Now, the real game has begun: another bomb is out there—a real one—and the clock is ticking.
The Birthday Cache by Amanda Zieba "While twelve year old Mason Miles and his parents love their nomadic lifestyle living and working across the nation in their RV, his twin sister Molly is craving a normal life and scheming to put an stop to their endless road trip. For their twelfth birthday the twins open a…

Geocaching Novels - Mysteries To Read When Not Out Caching

Updates at the bottom - several have sent me additional suggestions!  Thanks!
While updating my already unrealistically long to read list today, I decided to look at Geocaching themed mysteries.  There are a lot more than I realized!  Some are written by established authors, some by geocachers.  I have no idea how good any of them are until I read them..  let me know if you have read them, what you think!  And let me know if there are any I have missed!

I have loaded a couple of these onto my phone and look forward to reading one while around the campfire after a long day of geocaching, at the ASP geobash later this month.

Cache a Predator by Michelle Weidenbenner   I think this is the most popular of the geocaching mystery novels - I know I purchased it for my husband awhile back, and although I have not yet read it, he really enjoyed it.
Geocaching mystery. (Note: This novel is hidden in cache sites around the US and Canada.)  Officer Brett Reed will do anything to gain custody of his fi…

Hyde Park CITO, Owego NY, April 2017

See all my pics from the CITO here: Hyde Park CITO
We've been geocaching since 2006, and this week-end, after eleven years of geocaching, with almost 2,000 finds, we finally attended our first CITO.  It's not that we haven't wanted to do our part (Cache In, Trash Out) there simply have been no CITO events in our area, and when we were free to travel longer distances, the dates did not work for us.
Now that the kids are grown, our schedule is a bit more flexible.  We had already talked about attending the NEPAG 10th anniversary event at Frances Slocum state park on April 28th, when I saw that there was a CITO in Owego NY on the following day.

So we made a week-end out of it.  We'd like to start hosting a CITO in our area, so it seemed like the perfect time to check one out and see if there's anything we should know.

This was the number one thing we learned.  Buy these.  

This CITO was nicely organized.  The actual park was already quite clean and tidy, but the bank along…

Raspberry Vinegar

While looking at recipes on, I came across this 1862 recipe, recommended for the aid of sick and wounded civil war soldiers.
  "It makes an agreeable and refreshing beverage and those who desire to do something for the aid of the sick and wounded soldiers, cannot prepare anything more acceptable than a quantity of this Raspberry vinegar."
It's not quite raspberry season here in Pa, but we may attempt a batch once it is.  

The Shippensburg News  (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania) 05 Jul 1862, Sat  • Page 3

Farmers Almanac Dandelion Jelly

First Batch, April 2017
"Jelly made from dandelions is similar in taste to spring honey. Try making some of your own with this recipe!"

I was skeptical - but it truly does taste like honey!  

1 quart dandelion blossoms
2 quarts water
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 package (1 3/4 oz) powdered fruit pectin
5 1/2 cups sugar

Pick the dandelion blossoms and rinse thoroughly. Snip stem and green collar.
Boil petals in 2 quarts water for 3 minutes. Cool and strain, pressing petals with fingers to extract juice.
Measure out 3 cups of dandelion liquid. Add lemon juice and powdered fruit pectin. Bring mixture to a boil (large jelly kettles work best for this).
Add sugar, stirring to mix well. Continue stirring and boil mixture for 2 ½ minutes.
Pour into small glasses and cover with paraffin when jelly is cool. Enjoy!

(I processed mine in a water bath for 10 minutes, instead of the paraffin.  )

The Pantagraph  (Bloomington, Illinois)
01 Aug 1979, Wed  • Page 29