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Geocaching Challenges

What Is A Challenge Cache?
   A challenge cache requires that geocachers meet a geocaching-related qualification or series of tasks before the challenge cache can be logged.  

Please note: Beginning April 21, 2015, a one-year moratorium is in effect on all new "challenge cache" submissions. This includes cache submissions that contain optional challenges. It does not impact previously published challenge cache listings. -

This challenge checker lists a lot, but not all, of the challenges -

Challenges In Pennsylvania - 

Map Challenges - typically based on the county level:
Fizzy Challenges - one cache representative for each of the 81 terrain and difficulty ratings:
Century Challenges - typically finding 100 caches with some common attribute:
Alphabet Challenges - finding caches with names for each letter of the alphabet:
Other Challenges:
* Denotes Challenges we have qualified for

From the groundspeak website - 
Additional points to consider when creating a challenge cache:
  1. Challenge caches must contain the word "challenge" in the geocache name.
  2. Challenge caches are listed as the Mystery/Puzzle geocache type.
  3. A Challenge cache must avoid undue restrictions. Specifically:
    1. Challenge caches based on a specific list of geocaches, such as those placed by a specific person or group, will generally not be published.
    2. Challenge caches cannot include restrictions based on 'date found'; geocaches found before the challenge geocache publication date can count towards the achievement of the challenge.
  4. Challenge caches need to be attainable at any time while the geocache is active.  A geocache that requires "100 multi-caches found in 2011" would not be publishable, as would not be attainable by someone new to the game.
  5. A Challenge cache based on non-accomplishments, such as DNFs, will not be published.
  6. One should not have to 'give up' finding other geocaches to achieve a challenge cache's requirements. To state that "10% of your find count needs to be Attended Logs" would require the geocacher to stop finding other types of geocaches and could affect their overall enjoyment of the game.
  7. Challenge caches may not require the publication or ownership of a geocache or waymark as a challenge criteria; challenge caches must be achievable by those who do not own geocaches or waymarks.
  8. Challenge caches must not require geocachers to log geocaches that are disabled or archived.
  9. A challenge cache should recognize the completion of a personal achievement, rather than the winner of a competition. For example, a challenge cache based on "First to Finds" is a competition between geocachers, and is therefore not publishable.
  10. A challenge cache must be attainable without the need to email the owner. The container should be located at the posted coordinates on the geocache page, or if a puzzle, the geocache page must include the means to calculate the coordinates of the container.
  11. If a challenge cache is submitted within an area where a similar challenge cache already exists, then it will need to have a unique list of qualifying criteria (geocaches, waymarks, etc.).
  12. Geocachers may sign a challenge cache's physical log at any time. However, the challenge cache may be logged as found online only after the log is signed and the challenge tasks have been met and documented.

The Pennsylvania All Counties Challenge - Geocaching

"The Challenge is simple. The image above shows a map of all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. The final cache coordinates can be obtained by successfully finding a cache in each County. "

I'm tracking our progress with -

Our Progress
To make this map, I used the blank map at the top of this post, opened it in a graphics program, then used the flood fill option to fill in the counties from the list below.

Cache Stats from
Oh no, how unlucky!
Datrucks Crew does not qualify for this Challenge yet.
But don't worry! Your on right track to fulfil the Challenge soon. Let's go to find some boxes out there!

You have found required number of caches (1) in 34 counties so far. Required minimum is 67 counties.
Finds in each county are listed here:

#CountryRegionCountyCacheFound date
1/1United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre County (PA)2.gif Boalsburg Firehouse Cache (GCNPNR)2010-07-04
2/1United StatesPennsylvaniaCarbon County (PA)2.gif Mauchy Chunk (GC1RT5A)2010-08-13
3/1United StatesPennsylvaniaLuzerne County (PA)2.gif Old Beaver Dam (GCP1XY)2006-09-16
4/1United StatesPennsylvaniaPerry County (PA)2.gif A Simple Cache & Dash (GC228E4)2010-06-19
5/1United StatesPennsylvaniaNorthampton County (PA)4.gif Bethlehem Steel (GCEAE1)2013-12-08
6/1United StatesPennsylvaniaLehigh County (PA)2.gif Fast Dash Cache (GCC317)2012-02-19
7/1United StatesPennsylvaniaLebanon County (PA)2.gif Raiders of the Lost Cache (GC2HN2H)2015-07-05
8/1United StatesPennsylvaniaClearfield County (PA)2.gif Troy Hill Cemetery (GC11E8H)2007-10-01
9/1United StatesPennsylvaniaSullivan County (PA)2.gif Sonestown Covered Bridge (GCW3GD)2010-07-09
10/1United StatesPennsylvaniaAllegheny County (PA)2.gif No Membership Required (GC1QWFY)2009-12-05
11/1United StatesPennsylvaniaMontour County (PA)2.gif PP&L Pines (GC183QB)2008-05-19
12/1United StatesPennsylvaniaClinton County (PA)2.gif Long Gone #3 (GCZYXP)2007-05-20
13/1United StatesPennsylvaniaWyoming County (PA)2.gif Old Ricketts (GC1G51M)2008-10-14
14/1United StatesPennsylvaniaJuniata County (PA)2.gif Old Trail Mahantago Creek Bridge (GC28B1D)2010-06-19
15/1United StatesPennsylvaniaBlair County (PA)2.gif Ask not what your country can do for you cache (GC1088A)2007-07-29
16/1United StatesPennsylvaniaAdams County (PA)2.gif Red Rock Micro (GCPC5J)2006-09-14
17/1United StatesPennsylvaniaErie County (PA)2.gif EBGT - Not As Bad As It Looks! (GC2THRY)2011-06-29
18/1United StatesPennsylvaniaFranklin County (PA)2.gif Pennsylvania Welcomes You (GC1ATT2)2008-08-03
19/1United StatesPennsylvaniaCumberland County (PA)2.gif Perkin' you up (GC1NYCC)2010-06-19
20/1United StatesPennsylvaniaUnion County (PA)2.gif Periodic Table of Elements Series: #6 (GC3VW2V)2014-06-14
21/1United StatesPennsylvaniaSchuylkill County (PA)2.gif Iron Mike Ruins (GCXNC2)2006-08-20
22/1United StatesPennsylvaniaDauphin County (PA)2.gif A Giant Cache (GCQD04)2011-01-15
23/1United StatesPennsylvaniaPotter County (PA)2.gif Hay You (GCRGAR)2007-05-12
24/1United StatesPennsylvaniaElk County (PA)2.gif SNOOPY DOGGIE DOG (GC2M6QM)2011-06-27
25/1United StatesPennsylvaniaLycoming County (PA)2.gif Over The Creek (GC1QM33)2010-05-10
26/1United StatesPennsylvaniaWarren County (PA)2.gif cold orange (GC2YW42)2011-06-28
27/1United StatesPennsylvaniaColumbia County (PA)2.gif Get Your Heart Racing (GC3V3MV)2015-07-05
28/1United StatesPennsylvaniaTioga County (PA)2.gif Days Of Yore! (GC12Q1F)2007-05-12
29/1United StatesPennsylvaniaSnyder County (PA)2.gif North Hill Cache (GCP3ME)2007-01-02
30/1United StatesPennsylvaniaMcKean County (PA)2.gif 101 dalmatians #89 (GC28RY3)2010-05-23
31/1United StatesPennsylvaniaWestmoreland County (PA)2.gif Stone Lodge Puzzle Stash (GCR4XV)2006-08-03
32/1United StatesPennsylvaniaIndiana County (PA)2.gif Where's the party at? (GCX9VM)2007-07-29
33/1United StatesPennsylvaniaNorthumberland County (PA)2.gif Bloody Springs Cache (GCYEEF)2006-10-01
34/1United StatesPennsylvaniaLackawanna County (PA)2.gif The Bears Pen (GCA751)2010-01-05

Alphabetical List Of Counties In PA:


The Pennsylvania Delorme Challenge - Geocaching

What Is a Delorme Challenge?
In 2004, Haicoole unveiled the California DeLorme Challenge cache. This popular challenge cache has since been repeated in many other states. The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer is published for all 50 states. . The goal of this cache is simple: to find a cache on each and every page of the  State DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer.  Once a cache is found from every page, you email the reviewer to get the coordinates for the actual Delorme Cache location.

A bookmark list for all the states Delorme Challenges can be found here - 

Options For Tracking Your Progress

I asked on a geocaching facebook page for suggestions for calculating our Delorme Challenge Progress.  These are the suggestions I received - 

Project GC

Authorizing Project GC to access my geocaching account was simple.  The instructions are right in front of you when you go go the site.
Once authorized, it gave me a LOT of statitstics.  Some of which were not completely accurate.  For instance, when listing our caches by favorite points, it completely missed the Raiders Of The Lost Cache, with 506 favorite points, the most of any cache in PA.  "Note that Project-GC has a latency of about 24-36 hours. For more details, read the FAQ." - So this may be because we just found that cache this past week-end.

At the top, under tools, I found the option "Challenge Checkers" and then the search option brought me to - 
The Pa Delorme Challenge At Project GC -

More Suggestions - 
GSAK. Check out a macro called Challenge.gsk. It overlays the DeLorme grid onto Google Earth maps, and you can enter caches & see which page they're on. I'm not sure, but you may have to have Google Earth loaded, too

The Final Stage - The Actual PA Delorme Challnge Cache

We have not found this cache yet - but here are some things to keep in mind, from those who have:

"Seriously, finishing all the pages was an amazing journey. It was our second state DeLorme Challenge and since this is our home state half-time, it really felt wonderful. The cache is not for the weak. It's a 1,000 feet rise from the parking lot to the highest point on the trail and back down again to the same elevation to make the find. When you find the cache after six miles of hiking, there is another six miles for the return trip and another 1,000 foot climb. Our journey took seven hours. The last three miles were in a hard rain. It's scary to think six years have passed since we signed the first log book."

Our Progress:
our Bookmark List -

We have a travel bug called "Caching Memories" that is a scrapbook we take to events.  I haven't updated it in years, but I have two pages in this album dedicated to the PA Delorme Challenge - 


I have found caches in 34 areas (69 required)
PA-026: [missing]
PA-027: GC2753A - EBGT - On The Road To Behrend (2011-06-29)
PA-028: [missing]
PA-029: [missing]
PA-030: GC2XDH6 - Welcome to GeoWoodstock IX (2011-06-28)
PA-031: GC1706P - AGT-WARREN-Geo-cacher Habitat (2011-06-28)
PA-032: GC1J4KP - Sasquatch, You Can't Find Me!!! (2010-05-23)
PA-033: GC2AR0W - Along This Hillside (2011-05-20)
PA-034: GCQWTA - WHO CUT THE CHEESE? (2007-05-12)
PA-035: GCD505 - The Green (2007-05-12)
PA-036: GC1DD8K - Veterans Do Route 6 (2008-10-04)
PA-037: GC2B5EH - Rock Run (2010-07-10)
PA-038: [missing]
PA-039: [missing]
PA-040: [missing]
PA-042: [missing]
PA-043: [missing]
PA-044: [missing]
PA-045: [missing]
PA-046: GC13MHN - Hanna Que Es #2 (2007-10-01)
PA-047: GC155BT - Old Fire Tower (2007-10-01)
PA-048: GCZK9D - Snow Shoe (2007-10-01)
PA-049: GCK4WG - I-80 Walk in the Woods EB (2006-08-03)
PA-050: GCHVNE - Guts (2006-03-05)
PA-051: GCVYT0 - Loop de Loop (2006-07-31)
PA-052: GC1970 - Mountain Spring Lake Siding (2007-06-30)
PA-053: GCA751 - The Bears Pen (2010-01-05)
PA-054: [missing]
PA-055: [missing]
PA-056: [missing]
PA-057: [missing]
PA-058: [missing]
PA-059: [missing]
PA-060: [missing]
PA-061: GCWQGR - Pig in a Blanket (2007-10-01)
PA-062: GCNYT4 - Somethin' New...with a View (simplified) (2006-08-16)
PA-063: GCWWY9 - R. B. Winter State Park: CCC Historical Tour (2007-08-03)
PA-064: GCJDQJ - Norry Tourist Cache #4 (2006-08-12)
PA-065: GCK1J8 - Danville MBT- with props to Holth (2006-08-14)
PA-066: GCR44T - "48th Regiment Volunteers" (2006-08-20)
PA-067: GC1RT5A - Mauchy Chunk (2010-08-13)
PA-068: [missing]
PA-070: [missing]
PA-071: GC1QWFY - No Membership Required (2009-12-05)
PA-072: GCR4XV - Stone Lodge Puzzle Stash (2006-08-03)
PA-073: GC10E2Z - Uncle Grump's Cabin (2007-07-29)
PA-074: [missing]
PA-075: GCP40K - Wally's Treasure 1.0 (2007-07-28)
PA-076: [missing]
PA-077: GCYBJQ - The Park & Ride Travel Bug Motel (2008-08-01)
PA-078: GCY9W5 - Peace of Mind (2006-10-18)
PA-079: GCKZ0Z - Ivan Ate My Ammo Can! (2006-10-18)
PA-080: [missing]
PA-081: GCC317 - Fast Dash Cache (2012-02-19)
PA-082: [missing]
PA-083: [missing]
PA-084: [missing]
PA-085: [missing]
PA-086: [missing]
PA-087: [missing]
PA-088: [missing]
PA-089: [missing]
PA-090: GC1ATT2 - Pennsylvania Welcomes You (2008-08-03)
PA-091: GCPC5J - Red Rock Micro (2006-09-14)
PA-092: [missing]
PA-093: [missing]
PA-094: [missing]
PA-095: [missing]
PA-096: [missing]