Monday, September 25, 2017

Fonts With Tails (Glyphs) Cheat Sheet

Glyphs are extra characters in fonts.  For fonts like Samantha you have to use a character map to access the extra swirls. There are a few fonts, such as I Love Glitter, where you can quickly add swirls (nothing as ornate as Samantha, but still pretty!) just by adding a few characters such as * \ [ ] or ().  I call them "easy glyphs".

Cliff Notes:
The first two sections here are just quick easy tails that can be added with either ( ) or [ ].  Below those are four cheat sheets for fonts with additional options and swashes.

Add Tails to these fonts with ( )

Millenial Solstice   KL Cupid   Broken Heart     Shorelines

Add Tails to these fonts with [ ]

I Love Glitter    Sunset Beach    KL Cupid      Lilly Belle

Easy Glyph Cheat Sheets
Download all four of these cheat sheets as a pdf file, here. 
If that link does not work (too much traffic) Try This One.

Links to download each font are found under the photos.

MF I Love Glitter      Smell The Roses         Shorelines      Stea 
    klcupid        Daddy's Girl          Beauty & The Beast  
     Ribbons & Banners         LillyBelle         Anjelika Rose

Lovely Day          Yessy        Flotta           Veni 
  Love Hearts    Unicorn Giggles    Make Magic Happen         

To find these, and many more, try this link:

Using the Samantha font is a bit different - but if you learn to use Samantha (which is NOT a free font) you can use the character map for any font.

A More Detailed Look at Stea


  1. wow, you are awesome, your explanation is so precious and touching different areas. The list you made helps me to locate where they exactly are, that I do not have to keep searching. Thanks again for the helpful tips and hints.

  2. Thank you! Love them all! You're awesome.

  3. Thank you so much! i have been downloading all sorts of fonts hoping that the tail would just appear once I type.. didn't know I have to type a character for the tails! You are my savior!Cheers!