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Some of the Projects I made in 2018
With Step By Steps on how to make most of them, here:

What Do I Need To Get Started With A New Cricut

Resources for using Design Space without subscribing to cricut access -
The basics of free fonts and free svgs, where to find them, and how to use them

How To Use Design Space
A variety of basic instructions on how to do various things

Project Specific Tutorials
Photos of my projects with Step By Steps on how I made them

Cheat Sheets - Printables For Reference

My Cricut Craft Space
How I store all my stuff in a section of my laundry room


 About Me & My Cricut

I use a Cricut Air 2. Here is is writing samples of free fonts that work as writing fonts.

Last summer (2017) our youngest son got married.  His mother in law made all the decor for the wedding and the reception, and it was unbelievable.  Now, she's an artist, and she did a lot with paint and wood, but she also used this magic machine called a "cricut".  Later that year, I decided to purchase my own cricut.

The thing about buying a cricut is that it does not come with an instruction book.  It's a machine in a box with a sample project and instructions for that one, simple, project alone.  

That's it.

So you join a few facebook groups with the name cricut in the title, where they all tell you to watch youtube videos.  

I hate youtube videos.  Seriously cannot sit through them.  Especially if they have a logo, a theme song, and an introduction.  You have WAY exceeded my attention span  just with the "you can skip this advertisement in 4 seconds" - so I end up quickly trying to fast forward the video to find the answer to my question, and it does not work.  I have never successfully followed a youtube tutorial.  I know they are incredible resources for others - they are not a bad thing.  They are just absolutely not for me.

So when I started figuring out this machine, mostly by trial and error, but also by watching what others did in facebook groups, and a lot of googling, I took pics step by step as I worked, and wrote down how I did each thing.  I often have a blog post open as I create a cricut project, I type the tutorial as I do it, and try to be incredibly transparent about what went wrong along the way, so you can learn from my mistakes.  

At the top of each post, I try to do a "Cliff Notes Version" with the important information, so if you are googling an answer you don't have to read the whole post for a quick answer.  But then I continue with my step by step, including mistakes, for those who want, or enjoy, more details.

Sorry, no, I will not add you on my facebook friends list, unless I actually know you.  Yes, I DO have a public facebook page, but it's not just cricut.  It's actually a lot of local events, quite a few photos of our travels and our farm (including the llama and peacock, if that helps at all) and sometimes my genealogy posts, as well as my cricut posts. Oh, and we are geocachers too - so there are geocaching posts as well.  I'm sort of all over the place.  It can get very annoying, I know.  :-) 

You can follow my blog, by going to the main page  and entering your email on the top right.  I've added this as someone requested, so I'm really not sure how annoying it is, or how well it works. Let me know!  

I hope my tutorials and cheat sheets save you some time - learning this machine can be intimidating!  But it's SO much fun, it's worth it, I promise.