Sunday, December 31, 2017

Alternative Markers For Cricut

My Current favorites are the Dual Tip Markers from The Target Dollar Spot ($3 for 12) and the Jot Markers from The Dollar Tree ($1 for 20!)  No kidding.  The cheapest markers are the ones I use the most- The Dollar Tree Markers being my go to favorites.

Quick Links:
The pens I use in my Cricut Air 2 are all pens that fit right in the pen slot.  I do not  remove the pen adapter, I do not add tape or pencil grips..  if they do not fit "as is", I don't mess with them.  

The Pens:
VERY short clips of the machine writing with various pens.  There's no audio on most of these, it is just to show that the pen works - 

I used all of these pens in this sample page
See more examples of fun drawing fonts here - 
I'm really, really impressed with the Dollar Tree markers!!
Those are all free fonts - find them all (and many more) here:

Early tests & samples from when I first got my cricut - 

Today I set out to compare marker options for my Cricut Air 2.  I wanted SIMPLE options.  I do not want to take my machine apart, use pencil grips, wrap masking tape around pens, or buy adapters.  These are all options I may eventually explore - but for the amount of writing I do, I'd really prefer to keep this super simple.

I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought thin Crayola Markers, thin sharpies, and a pack of Leisure Arts double ended markers.  The Leisure Arts Markers were not in the pen aisle, nor in the crayola aisle, but rather in the back of the store in a craft area.  I believe others have found them with the adult coloring books, near the books and magazines.  

I've read that Sharpies can be used in the cricut, but these did not fit in mine.  

These fit - but they are a "loose" fit.  They don't wiggle around, but it is possible to push them in too far.  The second time I used one of these, I had it in a bit too far, and it made drag marks as it moved across the paper.  It's not hard to put them in "just right" - I have a fairly short attention span & patience level, and didn't have any trouble using these, it's just something to be aware of.

These were my favorite when I did a second test, on fabric.  I haven't yet washed the fabric to see how the ink holds up.

Leisure Arts:
These are my favorite!  I love the thin end of these.  I did a sheet of all the fonts that work as writing fonts, using both a cricut marker, and a leisure arts marker, and the LA sheet is so crisp and pretty, it's the one I hung in my craft area.  BUT - I also love the cricut fine tip marker - I just only own one of those, in black. 

On fabric these worked great, but it was hard on the tip.  After using one on fabric, it did not work well on paper.  These are cheap enough that you could keep one set for fabric, and one for paper, if needed.

Cricut - 
I love the fine tip pen, and the medium point markers are ok.  The metallic have not held up for me - they dry out really fast.  I wouldn't buy more of those.  The medium point cricut and the thicker end of the Leisure Arts markers are pretty similar. 

I've started storing all of my cricut markers upside down, and was surprised at how my metallics have come back to life - they work now!

Precise V5-
These are a bit more expensive - it was $11 for 9.  But they write beautifully!

This is how they wrote on a lightweight canvas fabric.  Writing on the fabric was hard on the markers, I wouldn't use a marker that I really wanted for paper on fabric.  The cricut thin tip did not work well at all.  Here it was an issue of the fabric moving.  My brand new purple mat did not hold the fabric as well as I think it should have - but even when it held, the cricut fine tip did not write as well as the Precise V5 - it's not meant for fabric, none of these are, so the only real surprise is how well the Crayola DID work for this.

The font I used for this comparison is a free font from DaFont.  It is NOT an official writing font from cricut.  Most fonts that are not official handwriting fonts in cricut will write as an outline. But there are some that will "collapse on themselves" and look like single line handwriting.

Free Fonts That Will Write As Handwriting (without being an outline) in Cricut, sorted by which size pens they work with, and all with the links to download them - 
And the cricut will write FUN fonts too!  


  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I have your page bookmarked.

  2. Can you share a picture of the leisure arts fine tip?? Or an amazon link?? Want to make sure I have the right ones. :) Thank you

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. In the photo at the top of the post, they are the markers on the far right.. in the box that says Double Ended Markers. :-) Here they are on Amazon -

  3. Hello, I realize this post was written quite awhile ago, but it's been very helpful! One question, with the JOT markers do you have to put tape on marker to make it fit the machine better? I have Explore Air 2

    1. Nope - I just stick them in! They wobble when they right, which makes me worry every single time that they will not write neatly, and yet every single time, they write beautifully! Currently they are one of my absolute favorites to use. There's a video here of them writing -