Single Line Fonts That Will Write Like Handwriting In Cricut -

In cricut, to write, you must technically use a writing font to write. Normal fonts will outline, rather than write - following the same path the machine would use to cut.  There are some free fonts that will "collapse on themselves" and can be used in place of the actual writing fonts.  If you scroll down, I have a LONG post here explaining this in more detail, with additional options, but most of you are just here to find the list of fonts, so lets get to those first. 
There are 3 sections of fonts here - those that write with super thin pens like the precise v5 & gel pens, those that write with the fine tip end of the Leisure Arts Markers or the Crayola Thin Markers (I think they are .05) and then those that right with the "regular" 1.0 Cricut markers, or the thicker end of the Leisure Arts Markers.

SUPER THIN Fonts That Will Write Solid 
With Gel or Precise V5 Pens
The Precise v5 pens have a very thin point.  Most of the fonts above will still look like an outline with these pens, but the ones below work even with that super fine tip.  I haven't used gel pens myself, but these should also work with gel pens.

Line Style     Belta Light (iffy - half inch or less)     Lyrics Movement      Matilde    
  Montepetrum    (iffy - at 1 inch can see faint outline)     Stymie Hairline      Lovesick    
Diner Skinny   Rose Water     Made The Artist      Gatsby      Europe Underground Light   

Mikelas Light, Stylish Charm, 

Fonts That Will Write With .05 (?)
Thin End Of The Leisure Arts Markers
Or with Crayola Fine Tip
These fonts were all written with thin point  end of the Leisure Arts Markers.  So less than 1.0 - possibly .05?  These tend to be my favorite markers.

Always Here  September Mornings     Europe Underground Light      Avenir    Gatsby 
Lovesick     Matilde    Architects Hand   Sweetly Broken   Montepetrum    Stymie Hairline  
  Calamity Jane   Thin Fingers   Camelot    High Thin Light   Milton One  Take Me Out
  Simply Glamorous    Fancy Pen  Rawengulk     Rose Water     Lyrics Movement   Lilypen  
TIP - Frustratingly, Lovesick is named oddly.  When you go to use it, remember to type "happylovers" in the search box, then it will appear.  Simply renaming the font yourself will not work.

These were all written with a crayola thin tip marker.  I struggle with these markers because they have to be inserted just right to work..  but they do write very nicely as long as you have them loaded to the correct depth.  They are roughly the same size as the thin tip on the Leisure Arts markers, so those would work with these too.
More that work with these pens (examples below)
Debonair Inline ,  Prescriptivism,  Mikelas LightEmanuela Light,  & Advertising Script Monoline all work well, and look better,  with the thinnner end of the Leisure Arts Markers.
Stylish CharmCan't Write Quickly In Winter

 Cupcake.Csmege & Alexandra Orleans are really close and would probably work at half an inch or less.
Fonts That Will Write With 1.0
Cricut, Leisure Arts Or Crayola Markers
These fonts were all written with regular 1.0 cricut markers.  They are all 1 inch tall, and although they all technically work, Prescriptivism, Mikelas Light, & Hello Ellie have a lot of "smudges" from the way the machine writes.  They might do better at half an inch tall?  KG One thing & I Love Glitter have a few open "dots", but I still like it a lot, and they would likely disappear in a smaller size. 1 inch is larger than most of my writing projects.

I think the Leisure Arts Markers, Thick end, are a bit smaller than the thicker 1.0 Cricut markers - but they work for these too.  The THICK end, not the thin end.  

The text at the bottom is in Hello Ellie - I love this font at half an inch, but not at 1 inch or taller. 

My favorites in this group are:
Baby Lexi Skinny, Kg Beneath Your Beautiful, Dill Pickles, Emanuela Light, Prince Charming, Advertising Script Monoline

The Others:
I Love Glitter, Debonair InlineKG One Thing, Prescriptivism, Alexandra Orleans, Mikelas Light, Csmege, Hello Ellie

Debonair Inline ,  Prescriptivism,  Mikelas LightEmanuela Light,  & Advertising Script Monoline all work well, and look better,  with the thinnner end of the Leisure Arts Markers.
Also: Can't Write Quickly In Winter & Stylish Charm.

Csmege & Alexandra Orleans are really close and would probably work at half an inch or less.  Also: Daily Natalie.

Here the same fonts are all with the thin end of the Leisure Arts Markers.
(I need to buy new markers  - these have been used hard!)
Mikelas Light, Emmanuel Light, Prescriptivism, & Advertising Script Monoline all work in the thinner marker.  Csmege & Alexandra Orleans are really close and would probably work at half an inch or less.

A lot of these are a little iffy - and will definitely do better at a smaller size - like half an inch.

Good at 1 inch tall:  

Works at under 1 inch tall:

Works with the thinner markers - 

 Written with the thinner end of the Leisure Arts Markers:


My Favorite Writing Fonts:
The list of writing fonts has become so long that I have it sorted into sections.  Below are MUCH longer lists and several pages of examples, but these are my favorite "go to" writing fonts:

(Photo Coming Soon)

Baby Lexi Skinny, Kg Beneath Your BeautifulDill PicklesEmanuela LightPrince CharmingAdvertising Script Monoline Take Me Out     Camelot    High Thin Light
  Always Here  Calamity Jane   Matilde  Baby Lexi Skinny, Kg Beneath Your BeautifulDill PicklesEmanuela LightPrince CharmingAdvertising Script Monoline Hello Ellie


NOT FREE - But Often On Sale:
I have NOT used this one myself, but I have seen examples of others using it and it does appear to work.  I don't know for sure though!

$10, on sale for $1 with a $1 processing fee = $2

The Original Post

This is one of those project that  I thought I could finish in a few minutes, and get off my list.  Three days later, I'm still working on it.  I just wanted to write and cut soap labels.  Not print and cut - that would waste too much paper, as the design space is limited in size for print and cut.  Write, with cricut markers, and cut.  

But most fonts, when used in Design Space, will automatically write as an outline.  Like this:

Someone explained it, on a facebook post, as " TTF and OTF fonts can not be "open path" like Cricut writing fonts."   To write "normally", you need specific writing fonts.  Most of which are $5 or more through cricut, in design space.  You can see them by choosing "filter"

There are more options if you keep scrolling, I only screenshotted a portion here, but there are none that I love.  None I want to pay $5, or more, for. Now for all other projects, I just download free fonts off the internet, install them, an cricut cuts them just fine.  But when it comes to writing, it's not that simple.  

You can't just convert "normal" fonts to writing fonts.  

Well, you can, sort of.  Kind of.  There's a good video here:
This involved using a vector editing program like Inkscape.
The process is basically a digital version of filling in the font.  Rather than printing in the "bubble" outline, and filling in with a pen, you fill in the outline digitally before sending it to print.
This does not truly make a writing font, rather it's more like using Phonto to curve text, you do this for each bit of text you want to write, and import it.
Obviously this all WAY exceeded my attention span, but I wanted to share it for those who may want to tackle this process.

But for me, I needed something simpler, and decided to go with thin line fonts that  do not need "filled in".  In one of the gajillion articles I read trying to understand all of this, someone explained that these fonts are thin enough that the outlines collapse in on each other..  so it doesn't look like cricut is writing the outline of the fonts.  
That's our llama, Tia, strolling by as I was working. I love having a craft space that looks out over this part of the pasture.  

I had a much longer list.  Some I could tell wouldn't work right away, some I saw change to an outline when I switched them to writing style in design space.  This shows some of the "failed" fonts mixed in with some of the above:

So you can tell, just by looking at design space, what will work and what will not.

So far, the only way I have found to find these fonts is by trial and error, and suggestions from others.  


NOT single line fonts - but look at the other awesome fonts Cricut can draw!


  1. Hi there! I read your article and ended up downloading the single-line list you have come up with and the Milton One will only outline and not write in a single stroke when I add it with the write function. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for the awesome blog!!

  2. Thank you for this! I’m sharing with my Cricut groups on Facebook. Dawn

  3. Hi! thanks so much for this info. I bought the LA markers but it seems like the black marker is dried out. Have you run into this at all or do you think I just got a bad batch of markers? Thanks for the help!!

    1. Try storing it upside down for a week & see if it works again? I've never had that happen with the Leusure Arts, but it's common for my cricut markers. Storing them upside down often helps.

  4. Thank you so much for finding and collecting these!

  5. I totally LOVE you for this! This took a lot of time and just answered the questions I had about looking for writing fonts. Love your Llama!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. I am just beginning this journey and have spent over a day trying to find a way to be able to write without buying fonts thru Cricut. I am excited to try a few you have shared. PS Love Tia....he/she should meet my shepherd, MIA!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, this is great information!

  8. you are amazing! thank you for all of your help with this!!! usually I will sit for hours searching stuff like this, but I stumbled upon your article and it was all like right there. THANK YOU!

  9. Hi there! The smaller font under each word tells the actual name of the font. The "sparkling" one is called Sweet Pea font and the link is:
    The clickable links to all of them are right under the image!

  10. is there a way to download this document?

    1. Not really, sorry. I update it every few weeks, it would be too much work to make it a pdf file and keep up with the edits both here, and to the file.


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