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Zombie 5k Week Three

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:

I need to figure out how to use google voice to record my thoughts on my drive home, and convert them to text.  I'm working on that.  It's so insanely busy around here, getting ready for football season, and our sons wedding, I am not making the time to write down my thoughts after a work out as frequently as I would like.   I don't know what is up with the pace? Using a calculator, I come up with 18.50 a mile.  Better than week two!
44.33 divided by 2.31 is 19.28 - not 23.26?   I'm not sure why the pace is not calculating correctly.  Unless that's my pace when I hit stop mission?
Overall, I am truly loving this program.  So much.   I don't like to pay for apps.  I paid $1.99 for this one, and honestly, it is worth so much more.  This is like a $10 app.  Really.  It's worth it.

Two and 1/4 miles in 43 minutes?  I walk faster than that.  It is frustrating for me - las…

Zombie 5k Week Two

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:
Week Two Week 2 of Zombie5k adds heel lifts after 30 second runs. 

Roughly 1.9 miles today. 

I'm really loving this program. After this run, I was walking back into the house and dropped my phone, shattering the screen.  It broke before this run synced so I am glad I had uploaded this pic to facebook before I drove home.  However, this run is now not marked as complete on my new phone - that will drive me nuts, and I'm likely to go back and redo it.

Notice my distances are shorter and shorter..  partly due to the very high humidity, but also because the longer I "run" the slower my overall time.  

We missed one of our regular work out days, because of schedule issues, and then major storms in our area.  I'm off schedule, and it makes me a little nuts.

Had a rough time this morning. Forgot my inhaler. Super humid. But loved the "extras" in the story today - it sta…

Zombie 5k Week One

See My Experience with All The Weeks Here:
Week One
First morning running the zombie 5 k training.  It's  a lot different  than the coutch to 5k. I'm liking it.  You walk for 1 minute run for 15 seconds.  It doesn't sound like much, but it's harder than I expected. When it was over, I felt really good.  I don't love running, but I love the way I feel when I at least attempt running regularly.
The story line is minor - it doesn't interfere much, and it plays your playlist between talks.  It might all make more sense if you watch The Walking Dead, but that's just a guess.  I tried two episodes of that show and would rather be eaten by zombies, or run, than sit through another.  Zombies are really not my thing.  Even so, this is interesting, simply in that it is different.  I've done the c25k so many times, I was ready for something different. . I used the accelometer, Dan used the GPS mode.  His recorded…

Making Mountain Pies

Mountain Pies are typically two pieces of white bread, buttered, with filling between them, cooked over a campfire, in a mountain pie maker.
Popular combinations are: Pizza - pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese Pie - Any pie filling (some like cheese with their apple pie filling) Smores - Marshmallow & chocolate.
But you can really put just about anything in a Mountain Pie. Tonight we did Chocolate Raspberry, & Bruschetta & Cheese - both using crescent dough in place of the white bread
Crescent Dough, Raspberries, a marshmallow cut in half, an some chocolate.
Crescent dough, bruschetta, cheese, dried oregano & basil

On the fire
They probably should have cooked for another minute or two.  They were good, but they could have been better...
Raspberry on the left, bruschetta on the right

What I'm Reading - Wednesday July 16 2014

What I Am Currently Reading: Summer Lightning by P G Wodehouse

What  I Recently Finished Reading:

The Secret Life of Vivian  Grant While this is my favorite type of book - historical references, switching between current day and the past, with a light mystery in the plot..  I just did not really enjoy this particular book. (I also finished Invisible by James Patterson, and I loved that one!)
What I Think I Might Read Next:
I just loaded my aldiko bookshelf with every book I have that has the word "summer" in the title.  Some of them I read a few pages of and deleted without finishing.  I think I'll probably try Summers Child by Diane Chamberlain next.  

To Play along, just go to: And answer these questions: • What are you currently reading? • What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Geocaching Challenge - Lonely Cache

andGuest's Lonely PA Cache Challenge
****************** Challenge Requirements ******************
To complete this challenge you must collect 150 points worth of
"Lonely" caches. The following will give you the cache
Caches with NO finds for at least 12 months previous of your log
= 20 points.

Caches with NO finds for at least 9 months previous of your log
= 15 points.

Caches with NO finds for at least 6 months previous of your log
= 10 points.

Caches with NO finds for at least 3 months previous of your log
= 5 points.

(20 points will be the maximum number of points given for any 1

You may find caches in any combination, as long as they total a minimum of 150 points. Cache finds you have made in the past will count as long as they meet all other requirements. As an extra challenge try completing the challenge with caches you find after this cache is published. You may use cache finds within the state of Pennsylvania only. Unknown, Virtual and Multi caches that go acr…

Geocaching Challenge - I Cache Therefor I Hike (50 miles)

GC2T4BH  - I Cache, Therefore I Hike! (milestone challenge)

Log 50 miles of hiking to caches

" In your log entry, list the hike(s) or geoaching series you did to complete this milestone.  You do not need to list every GC Number in a series, but include at least one to help promote the series.  Example:  Bear Valley Hiking Series (12 miles) GC39KTD, LOST C&D Rails to Trails (18 Miles) GC33GF7, Hawk Mountain Hike (10 miles) GC16FMB, etc."

Datruck's Crew - Progress
1 mile GC3YD6X Area 51
.5 mile GC2VG9W S J Fire Tower
1.5 Miles Raiders of the Lost Cache and others in Governor Dick GC2NH2H
1 mile GCHVPC  Goosepond (gamelands)
1 mile GCGB2Q Top Of 1,000 steps Bear Paw Trail
1 mile - GC61D Fern Rock
1 mile - GCQ7Z4 Boulder Field
1.5 mile GC13AMQ Watkins Glen Gorge Trail
2 miles GCHVNE Guts (Gamelands)
2 miles GC2BBBB 3 night caches with an event
3 miles GCVYT0 Loop De Loop (Montour Preserve)
3 miles (at least) for the Geoaddiction SeriesGC12B39 (LOVED this series)
3.5 mile loop GCXG5E Dan…

Geocaching - Challenge 366 (A Cache Every Day Of The Year)

GCJKPE - Challenge 366
Find a challenge on each of the 366 days of the year - including leap day  - but in any year.

* You must have visited a cache each calendar day: January 1, January 2, etc. (Yes, since this is a 366 day challenge; Feb 29 is needed). They do not all have to be the same year.

* Caches do not have to be in PA, nor found after publish date of this challange. It is guaranteed to take at least year to complete from whenever you did your first cache.

This chart can be found on your geocaching Stats Page, here -

Finds for Each Day of the YearYou've found caches on 142 of 366 days of the year. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930