Zombie 5k Week Two

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Week Two
Week 2 of Zombie5k adds heel lifts after 30 second runs. 

Roughly 1.9 miles today. 

I'm really loving this program.
After this run, I was walking back into the house and dropped my phone, shattering the screen.  It broke before this run synced so I am glad I had uploaded this pic to facebook before I drove home.  However, this run is now not marked as complete on my new phone - that will drive me nuts, and I'm likely to go back and redo it.

Notice my distances are shorter and shorter..  partly due to the very high humidity, but also because the longer I "run" the slower my overall time.  

We missed one of our regular work out days, because of schedule issues, and then major storms in our area.  I'm off schedule, and it makes me a little nuts.

Had a rough time this morning. Forgot my inhaler. Super humid. But loved the "extras" in the story today - it stays interesting. I wasn't prepared for the extra long run at the end though- I thought my phone had stopped working.  

I don't always catch what they are giving me at the end of the broadcasts.  Probably in part because I'm breathing so hard it's hard to hear anything.  :-)  It's nice that a picture of the gift is shown on the board when the workout is complete.  It's the little details like that that make me REALLY love this program.  Although I'm still not exactly sure what the point is in collecting all of this stuff..  maybe after I listen to the intro that I missed at the beginning, that will make a bit more sense?

Missed another work out day.  This means I am now TWO work outs behind, & when I switched to a temporary phone while my phone was broken, I forgot to sync the app before I switched back to my new phone.  So I'm 2 work outs behind, and my phone shows another 2 as incomplete.  I'm torn between doing this every day to catch up, and just starting over... 

I'm really worried that I am not working quite hard enough.  I'm pretty sure the Zombie would have gotten me.  In the free runs, I am mostly walking.

Compared To The C25K Program:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk. 
Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

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