C25k Training With Zombie 5k

Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight

About Me:
I'm a 41 year old farm wife in central PA.  I'm really overweight.  REALLY overweight.  
I have exercise induced asthma, and I too often forget to use my inhaler before I start out, and I never carry it with me.  I need to carry it with me.  
I've done the C25k plan numerous times.  I've never been able to really run a 5k at the end of the program, ever.  
  I've jogged two 5ks.  I finished before they stopped timing, but just barely ahead of the walkers, both times.
Each Spring it's like completely starting over.  Last year I could jog the entire Canal path at just under 13 minutes a mile.  This year I can barely jog 10 feet when I started this program.
I use an android phone - a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - to run this app.
I also run the Charity Miles app at the same time.  Check it out - it contributes 25 cents a mile for every mile you run or walk, and 10 cents a mile for every mile you bike, to your choice of charities.  I donate to Wounded Warriors.

I completely missed this - I found it at the end of week 2.  There is a background story, you should listen to it while going for a walk/jog before beginning this program.