Free Templates & Tutorials For Making Paper Flowers With Cricut or Silhouette

It's much faster and easier to cut the large petals by hand - but cricut is great for making the centers, the leaves, and even the templates for cutting the larger petals.

Cliff Notes:

This post by Abbi Kirsten lists all the supplies she uses to make her beautiful paper flowers

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Dahlia Style Templates

Template and instructions for giant paper dahlias
"Start with cutting out 40—4.5 inch squares and 15—4 inch squares. It’s important to note that the final count of  squares used will vary for everyone,  but the above count is a good starting place." You'll also need an 8 inch circle.

Sunflower Style Templates

Poinsettia Style Templates

Misc Varieties
The pictures here do not do this justice at all.  This is an AMAZING site, with free templates, and she has a great facebook page you should definitely check out too!

How to make this large paper flower backdrop for under $20!
(She uses a roll of easel paper!)

Fancy Petals

Outdoor Metal Flowers - 

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