How To Glitter Christmas Ornaments

The Cliff Notes Version:
  • Glass or plastic makes no difference.
  • I use Polycrylic  - See a comparison with mop & glo here
  • Ultra fine glitter works best.  White always looks thinner.  Brand does not matter.
  • Make your design about an inch smaller than the ornament, roughly

  • Polycrylic (Polycrylic and Polyurethane are NOT The same thing)
  • Condiment bottle (check Dollar tree for these!)
  • Glitter (The color I used here is Champagne)
  • Ornaments
  • A paper funnel (or you can buy one)
  • And Egg Carton
  • A lint brush (for cleaning up glitter)
Making The Ornaments 
I use a plastic condiment container to pour the polycrylic into my ornaments.  I pour a lot in.  

After swirling it around to coat the ornament, I dump the excess back into the can.
Then I set the ornament upside down in the egg carton to drain for another minute or two

Pour in the glitter
Then I place my thumb over the top, and shake well to coat.

I usually use Recollections glitter, but I found this Moxy today and it's super sparkly.  

It's hard to say exactly how much glitter to use - but this is how much is left after I made 6 ornaments.  The bottle was full to the top when I bought it, there was no gap at the top.

(Although this ornament is also gold, it is not the same as the ones above, this is one I made earlier with Recollections glitter)
 To avoid scratching the tops of the ornaments when putting the tops on, pull the metal cap all the way to the bottom of the wire, like the one on the right in the photo above.  Place it on the ornament, then push the wire in.

The size of the design will vary - but as you can see here, for the 4 inch ornaments I used a roughly 3x3 design, and for the 3 inch ornaments, roughly 2x2.


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  1. I used a second condiment bottle for my glitter, which came in a bag and was unwieldy. What a help!