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Tips for Running (jogging) Faster

I want to slap people who say "the hardest part of running is getting out the door."  I have no problems getting out the door, in my sneakers.  I have regularly, for three months now.  And guess what?  Running (jogging really) is still HARD for me.  

I'm slow.  So very, very slow.  So slow that MyFitnessPal does not have an option for me under jogging, I still have to log my workout as a walk.  Talk about discouraging! Today I spent sometime reading about ways to increase my speed.  This is what I found:

Change My Mindset
This is so true for me - 
"My greatest obstacle was my mind. I convinced myself that I was a turtle, destined to run slow. Once I saw my time increase I realized I had to change my mind about my body's abilities. Instead of focusing on limitations I began to consider the possibilities."

I convince myself all the time that I will never be fast, that I am not mad…

San Antonio Day 4 - Graduation Day!

Buses start running for graduation at 7:15am, and after the crowded bleachers yesterday, we knew we wanted to be on the first bus.  But an accident and the traffic made us a little late - we didn't arrive on base until 7:15.  (It is amazing to me that there are not a LOT more accidents, the roads here are insane!)  We drove past the parade field and there was a ton of parking available, so we decided to skip the bus and just park at the field.  It filled in quick, we just happened to get there before it did.

It was windy and cold, not at all what we expected of Texas in April.  The gift shops and stands were selling out of hoodies as fast as they could put them out.

There was a large variety of dress, but most of the women, especially the wives and girlfriends, had dressed up in pretty dresses and heels.  There were a lot of people in jeans too.

After the ceremony it was a mob.  It took us awhile to get through the crowd to our son.  We snapped a few pics, then went to the dorm to se…

Buying Kayaks

I've had a few people ask me about kayaks this spring, and rather than keep typing this over and over, I  am putting it here so I can just send the link as needed.  :-)

Things to Think About:

How will you transport the kayaks?  If you do not own a truck, or have a car without roof racks, getting set up to transport them could cost more than the actual kayaks - be prepared.  You can have after market roof racks installed, or buy a trailer to pull behind your vehicle.  The trailer may be more expense, but if you have trouble lifting a kayak over your head, they are the way to go.Will you be kayaking mostly in flat water (lakes, the local river) or faster moving/whitewater (Creeks, streams, rivers with whitewater)Paddles are not included with kayaks, and cost around $50 for the cheap basic ones that we use.

Kayaks That We Own:
From Left to Right: The Potomac we no longer own, and do not recommend  Emotion Edge Heritage Feather Light Trophy 144
The Emotion Glide, and Old Towne Otter

San Antonio Day 3 - Airman's Run, Coin Ceremony & Base Liberty

In April 2013 we spent a week in San Antonio Texas, for our son's graduation from Air Force Basic Training.  This is our trip diary from Day 3, our first day on base.  See More Here:

For the airmans run, many suggested using the valley hi gate onto lackland.  My husbands pass has the wrong first name on it, a clerical error, so we chose to use Luke gate, just in case.  The visitor center is located there, it is where to go if you do not have a guest pass, or if there is a problem with your guest pass.

We could have used any gate.  The name wasn't a problem at all, and it is easy to get to the reception center from any gate.

We got there early - just after 6am, and got one of the last parking spots in the lot in front of the BMT reception center.  There was a long line waiting outside the door for the 7am orientation.  We had a nice time chatting with the family behind us. At the BMT, get a map.  We did not, and we regretted it…

Recipes to use up Egg Surplus

Please, please, Please leave any suggestions in the comments..  I don't want to sell eggs, and I've talked most of my friends into their own flocks..  so we have a LOT of eggs here these days!  =)
Great Article on How To Boil An Egg
How To Freeze Eggs

Hueveos Rancheros - Tortillas topped with refried beans, fried eggs, cheese, bacon & salsa

Challah (egg bread) - 5 eggs

Puff Oven Pancake (we triple this & make it in a 9x13 pan)
Baked French Toast
Breakfast pockets - 12 eggs
Eggs Benedict - 12 eggs
Belgian Waffles
Mexican Tortilla Omelets  - 14 eggs!
Breakfast Pizza (need to modify the recipe this uses canned cheese.    But it looks like a good idea to play with) 8 eggs
Muffin Pan Fritattas

*Angel Food Cake - 12 egg whites
Pound Cake - 7 eggs
Impossible Pie - 4 eggs
Chocolate Coffee Mousse - 4 eggs

Homemade Pasta  - 4 eggs

Scrambled egg pasta (Quick Carbonara)
Pasta Carbonara - 3 eggs, plus 4 to make homemade pasta

Long List of Vintage Pudding Recipes here

Raising Chickens In Town

This was written originally in 2001 - when we lived in town, not on a farm.  :-)

My Chicken Diary - our first experience raising chickens

The chickens are here!  We now have 3 barred rocks, and 3 red sex link chickens. We got them the day after they hatched and will raise them as laying hens.
We live in a small town, on slightly less then an acre.  To make the chickens look nice in the back yard we are building a coop with a picket fence, lined on the inside with chicken wire. I'll post more pics of it when it is completed, I still have a few weeks until the chickens will be out there. For now they are living in a rabbit cage on in our laundry room, it works well, keeping them protected form the cats and enabling us to keep them warm (with the help of heat lamps) and draft free.    Soon they will outgrow the pen, then they will move to the shed to live until they are old enough to live outdoors full time.

I've wanted chickens for a long time, but never really looked into what it w…