Decorating Drink Pouches

Wine Slushies in Reusable Drink Pouches, Decorated with Cricut

On my desk today... It's going to be 90 degrees every day this week, so I thought this might be a good week to learn how to make wine slushies. Of course, I'm also decorating the drink pouches. The svgs here are from the same bundle I shared a few days ago, I used one of the svgs on the garden flag. It's not free - but it's only $2.50 for the bundle of 40 svgs, commercial use license included.

I size the designs at 4 inches wide and 5inches tall (or less).  There's some wiggle room - but those are the measurements I used.

A Garden Flag, made using an svg from the same bundle.

More Drink Pouches


I made a list of free wine svgs too - although the options are endless for these.

I'm thinking the 4th of July svgs will work well, or summer svgs, or sunflower svgs... Find free svgs for all of those themes, and more, listed in the index of free svgs here: 

The drink pouches are reusable, and cheap, on Amazon. 50 pouches and 50 straws for $12.

I used permanent vinyl on these. They have been in the freezer for 24 hours and the vinyl is holding up great, I'll let you know how they look in a week, but I don't expect any problems.

 For the actual slushies, I've been experimenting with methods and recipes, and what I have found so far is that this is one of those things that is fairy difficult to mess up. Wine is perfect for slushies. It has enough alcohol to not freeze solid, but enough sugar to make it a good icy treat. Stick to the cheap fruity wines and any of these methods will work, with very little effort. Find methods, tips, and recipes for making them here:


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