Fonts With Tails (Glyphs) Cheat Sheet

Glyphs are extra characters in fonts.  For fonts like Samantha (a paid font - there is no free version) you have to use a character map to access the extra swirls. There are a few fonts, such as I Love Glitter, where you can quickly add swirls (nothing as ornate as Samantha, but still pretty!) just by adding a few characters such as * \ [ ] or ().  I call them "easy glyphs".

By popular request, I've split these into two 8.5x11 pages, which can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed from here.  Links to download each font are found under the photos.

Using the Samantha font is a bit different - but if you learn to use Samantha (which is NOT a free font) you can use the character map for any font.

A More Detailed Look at Stea

Below is my original post, from when I first got my cricut:

Working on a project today, to replicate this:

I had saved a post on a facebook group about fonts like this, with tails, and I know I have to learn to use the "character map" for some of them...  so as usual, while I am learning, I'm typing.  Because in two weeks when I try to do this again, I won't remember what I did this time.  :-)  

Don't forget about - the site that allows you to type any phrase, and see it displayed in every font on your computer at once! AND "What The Font" - where you can upload a photo and the site will attempt to identify the font used, for you! (What The Font was no help for this one)

First, the Free Fonts:

 currently free at Font Bundles!
THere are a bunch of other GREAT fonts with tails free in this bundle right now!

(This one has a LOT of "tail" options in the character map)


Check out that W!  I think this one will work for my project today!
Watermelon Script

Some Weatz

Chopin Script

Still Shine

Font Space has a whole catagory of "Swash Fonts"

"Use 0-9 for swashes. Example: Krinkes7  Numbers are included in the commercial version. "

For questions, please visit 
More Free Script Fonts at DaFont:

The Hungry Jpeg has a new free font each week - look here, they have some awesome scripty ones!

Signature Of The Ancient:

And then there are fonts you have to pay for:
This is the font everyone talks about.
It is never, ever, free.  It's never under $10.  
But here is how to get it, and use it:

Beauty Love - $16

I got sidetracked for a minute - but just scroll through the beauty here...  I wonder if having a font budget is a thing?  I think I need a font budget...

Now how to use the character map?

I found a good explanation here.   It's really just, open the charactar map, choose the font you want to use, and see all the options (for example, squiggly lines) that you can add.  Choose the items you want, then copy and paste.  (I prefer to the Maintype Logic Character map to the one that is built into windows.  I show screen shots of using that with the Samantha font, here.)

For me, I found the charactar map under Windows

Once you find the characters you want to use, from the font you want to use, you can just copy and paste them into design space in the text box.  While I am glad to know how this works, and I did put a character map shortcut on my desktop,  I hope to find fonts that do most of the work for me...  :-)

I do NOT like the built in character map in windows, so I use the Logic Maintype one instead:


  1. wow, you are awesome, your explanation is so precious and touching different areas. The list you made helps me to locate where they exactly are, that I do not have to keep searching. Thanks again for the helpful tips and hints.

  2. Thank you! Love them all! You're awesome.

  3. Thank you so much! i have been downloading all sorts of fonts hoping that the tail would just appear once I type.. didn't know I have to type a character for the tails! You are my savior!Cheers!


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