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Why We Will Never Use Expedia Again

We have been traveling a lot more in the past few years, now that the kids are older.  I've used Expedia to book almost everything.  And until this week-end, I was very happy with them.  

A couple of weeks ago we found that we could definitely attend Geowoodstock in Boonsboro MD, over memorial day week-end.  We wanted to camp, but the campgrounds were all full - no surprise.  Memorial day week-end is typically one of the biggest camping week-ends of the year.  So we went online to Expedia, and found a hotel room.

Hotel #1 - The Oak Tree Inn
We booked a room at the Oak Tree Inn in Brunswick.  It was nothing fancy, but it is brand new, and our options were limited, so we booked the room.

Two days before our trip, we received the following email:

This was not really a big deal.  We called, spent 30 minutes on hold, then another 45 minutes with an Expedia rep who upgraded us, at no additional cost to us, to the Hampton Inn in Martinsburg WV.  We love the Hampton Inn. Martinsburg is not whe…

From thrift store painting to menu board

When I bought this painting at the thrift store, I actually intended for it to be a sign for my porch.  But then when I was spring cleaning my kitchen, I decided it would make a great menu board..  I had primed the entire thing off white when it was meant as a sign, but that just made it easier to make it a chalkboard.  I used raft paint on the frame, a deep dark red.  When I sprayed on the chalkboard paint some of the overspray got on the frame - I rubbed it on and added a bit more black craft paint giving it that sort of crafty antiqued look.
I'm really surprised by how much my family loves this.  They all really like knowing what is for dinner each night.  Especially my husband!

Giant Bubbles

6 cups water  1/2 cup corn starch  1 tbsp baking powder  1-2 tbsp Glycerine 1/2 cup blue Dawn dish detergent (The recipe I have says to let it sit for one hour before using)
I'm sort of in love with these.  We don't have any small children here, so when we were hosting a skeet shoot (families welcome) I finally got a chance to make up a batch, in anticipation of children visiting the farm.  The first batch was fun - but the cornstarch kept settling to the bottom.  For the second batch, I heated the water first, and it stayed mixed better.  (It does still occasionally need stirred).

The first time I made them, I used a huge bowl.  The second time I used a drink pitcher - the drink pitcher works better.  You don't want to lay this in flat like a regular bubble wand, instead dip the string in with the straws held together, then pull apart once out of the mixture.
Yesterday afternoon I found out there would be some extra teenage girls here for a campfire, and I was ridiculously giddy …

Replacing The Broken Glass on Our Patio Table -

We have horrible winds here.  One storm picked up our large patio table & smashed it sideways against the deck railing, shattering the glass top.
After looking at a couple of options, I bought a piece of plywood (they cut it to size for me even) and a remnant of linoleum from our local flooring store.
We should have sealed the plywood with an all weather paint first. 
Then we attached the linoleum with contact glue.  The entire project cost me about $35 and took minutes to complete. :-)

Around The Farm This Week - May 6th (Building A Goat Playground)

This week we built a goat playground.
The baby goats LOVE it, and play, and sleep, on this most of the day.

I get a lot less done each day - because I spend so much time just watching them play.  :-) The babies are starting to eat grass now too.
We moved all the goats that are not moms out of this pen.  Horton escaped the pen we put him in, and has been happily living with the horses in their pen.  Piper, who is still pregnant, is in the dog pen on the side of the house (where we have moved all the new moms when they first give birth, to keep an eye on them this year)
Dan and Matt used the skid loader to clean up around the hay troughs and smooth down the ground in a few areas where we had bad ruts - it looks so much better.

We also moved the ducks and chicks out of the garage.  We put them in the back of the goat pen, in a dog kennel, with a pen that has a heat lamp in case they needed it on colder nights.  That lasted for a day.  Then they figured out they could escape the dog kennel and …