Menu Plan Monday 6/30/14

I've been trying something new for my summer menu planning, and I like the concept, but would like to find a better app for it.  This is in google keep, which works well enough for now.

Rather than planning out a strict menu, I've started making a list of recipes that I have the ingredients for here at the house.  I'm concentrating a lot on Zucchini Recipes right now, since there is more ready in the garden every day.

I put the list, and a few photos, in a note in google keep, with links to the recipes if needed, and then each morning I try to figure out a head count (Seriously - I cook for 8, and it's just Dh & I.  I cook for Dh & I, and 6 extras show up... this season of life with teenagers is more chaotic than when we had toddlers!) and decide which meal to make.

The List Currently:

This is the menu/Shopping homescreen on my phone
KeyChain for all those loyalty cards
Out of Milk for My Shopping List
And Google Keep for my Menu List

And this is the post where I'm working my way through a list of Zucchini Recipes: