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Menu Plan Monday 6/30/14

I've been trying something new for my summer menu planning, and I like the concept, but would like to find a better app for it.  This is in google keep, which works well enough for now.
Rather than planning out a strict menu, I've started making a list of recipes that I have the ingredients for here at the house.  I'm concentrating a lot on Zucchini Recipes right now, since there is more ready in the garden every day.
I put the list, and a few photos, in a note in google keep, with links to the recipes if needed, and then each morning I try to figure out a head count (Seriously - I cook for 8, and it's just Dh & I.  I cook for Dh & I, and 6 extras show up... this season of life with teenagers is more chaotic than when we had toddlers!) and decide which meal to make.
The List Currently: Chicken Soulvaki Gyro Style - sausage sandwiches, Grilled Zucchini Nachos http://www.twopeasandthei…

July Fitness Plan

A few of the resources I'm using this month. At the bottom of this post is my work out calendar, and additional steps I took to prepare for this months workouts.
Track in MFP Every day.
Limit my carbs, especially after 2pm
120 ounces of water a day Which is this cup, 6 times. 6 rubber bands - remove one each time I fill the cup, to track my progress
And I downloaded a water tracker app that makes a water guzzling noise as an alarm to remind me to drink.  (You can change how often you are alerted)
I'm going back to CardioTrainer for my workouts.  I switched to Endomodo because it synced with fitbit, but that was too complicated, and Endomodo is just not as accurate with distances.
Walk 100,000 Steps a week Roughly 16,000 steps a day for 6 days, with only 5,0000 on Sundays
Achieve this by walking with friends 3x a week, walking Meg's dog each day, and starting the c25k (This is going to be HARD.  In June I averaged 50,000 - 70,000 steps a week)  (Tracked on my fitbit)
Start …

Tried & True Zucchini Recipes

With the Zucchini flourishing in the garden, and our goal to eat local, and healthier foods, this is the year for me to find new ways to cook this squash.  There's certainly a plethora of recipes out there, lets see which ones we actually like.  :-)

 Zucchini Nachos This is definitely one of my favorite new recipes!  It's so simple.  Slice the zucchini.  Grill. Add some cheese at the end, just like you would on a cheeseburger. Bring them in off the grill and top with nacho toppings - avacado, black beans, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream.. whatever you like. The Zucchini acts as the "chips".  YUM!!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zucchini "Noodles"

This is soooooo  easy!  Next time I'm going to add some carrots too.  You use a julienne peeler just like a regular peeler.  It's quick and easy.  I blanched them - placing them in boiling water for just a few minutes, then draining.  
I found the peeler at Be…

On The Farm 6/5/14

So, my plan to update this weekly isn't going so well..  but considering the whirlwind May was, that's not really a surprise.

The big news on the farm has nothing to do at all with the actual farm (other than his intent to take it over from us in 20 years, after he retires from the Military).  Our oldest son is officially engaged!  He flew home from WA and proposed to his girlfriend earlier this month.  We've been BUSY planning and getting ready for their September wedding. :-)

Along with his visit home, a trip to Philadelphia, a skeet shoot here on the farm, the younger kids were in a school play, wrapping up the school year, football...  I keep reminding myself that in two years all the kids will be grown, this chaos is so temporary, and I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible!
Some of the Misc projects we got done before the skeet shoot: The fire pit - we dug it deeper and made the stones look neater. Took the bushes out in front of the house, moved the picnic ta…

Bacon Wrapped Baby Vidalias & Bruschetta Topped Mushrooms

I tried two new sides on the grill last night, and both were a success!
Both are also VERY simple.
For the mushrooms: 1. Remove the stems 2.  Toss mushrooms in a little olive oil and garlic.  I left them marinate all day - but you can completely skip this step if you are short on time.
3.Top with Bruschetta 4. Top with cheese

I LOVE this grill pan.  I don't remember where I got mine, but you can find a similar one on Amazon here:
Weber 6481 Small Stainless Steel Vegetable Basket

Bacon Wrapped Vidalia Onions
I originally found this recipe here & "adapted"it.
By "Adapted" I mean "vaguely remembered the ingredients and winged it rather than look up the specifics when I was ready to make them."

1. Peel onions
2. Add balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper & olive oil to a zip log bag.
3. Toss in the onions and coat them. Leave them in there to marinate
4. When ready to grill, wrap each onion in a strip of bacon. I secured the bacon with too…