Recipes to use up Egg Surplus

Please, please, Please leave any suggestions in the comments..  I don't want to sell eggs, and I've talked most of my friends into their own flocks..  so we have a LOT of eggs here these days!  =)

Great Article on How To Boil An Egg
How To Freeze Eggs

Hueveos Rancheros - Tortillas topped with refried beans, fried eggs, cheese, bacon & salsa

Challah (egg bread) - 5 eggs

Puff Oven Pancake (we triple this & make it in a 9x13 pan)
Baked French Toast
Breakfast pockets - 12 eggs
Eggs Benedict - 12 eggs
Belgian Waffles
Mexican Tortilla Omelets  - 14 eggs!
Breakfast Pizza (need to modify the recipe this uses canned cheese.    But it looks like a good idea to play with) 8 eggs
Muffin Pan Fritattas

*Angel Food Cake - 12 egg whites
Pound Cake - 7 eggs
Impossible Pie - 4 eggs
Chocolate Coffee Mousse - 4 eggs

Homemade Pasta  - 4 eggs

Scrambled egg pasta (Quick Carbonara)
Pasta Carbonara - 3 eggs, plus 4 to make homemade pasta

Long List of Vintage Pudding Recipes here
Martha Stewart's Pudding Recipe

Pickled Eggs
Spicy Pickled Eggs

Basic Quiche
*Taco Quiche


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