What Am I Reading - Jan 20 2014

To see what I have completed in 2014, for the empty shelf challenge, go here:

Currently Reading:
For Fun:
This is what I read before bed each night - and during our morning reading time (homeschoolers) when I am caught up on all of my bible studies and family book club reading.  This is NOT my normal "Fun" Selection.  (My last "Fun" Selection was The Husbands Secret

this actually started out as something I was reading for our Sunday school class - I thought our class was going to be using this book in a 6 week study, but we only did one week of it, then switched teachers and went to a study in Philippians.  Normally I'd have this under a bible study heading, but now I feel the need to finish it before I start a "for fun" fiction read, so it's here.  (I started the Made To Crave Study, or I'd be reading this in my lunch time devotional time)  :-)  It is REALLY, REALLY good, and I wish our Sunday School class had done the full 6 week study.

For Education:
I typically listen to non-fiction audio books when I walk in the afternoons.  With fiction my mind wanders, but with non fiction I can usually pay attention well.  This time I'm trying fiction - 
I'm having a little trouble keeping up with the audio, but when I get home from my walk I usually google the characters and story line, so I'm probably absorbing more this way  - it's not a bad way to learn.  I wish I had taught my children from this book when they were young, it is well done.

For Bible Study: (With The Proverbs 31 Ministry )
(the picture says dvd - but I'm reading this one.  I'm also doing the companion devotion through YouVersion.)  This is my lunch time devotion.

Our Family Book Club Read For January:
(We have older teenagers, and we homeschool.  Each month we choose one christian living book to read as a family - this is the book our 16 year old son chose for this month)

These books I will take 52 weeks to read, in 2014: