Walking the cows home...

My husband, walking the cows home after they went to visit neighbors 2 miles away.

I didn't grow up on a farm. I openly admit that I do not know what I am doing most of the time, even after living here for 9 years. I really do not like inconveniencing others, and we seem to do a LOT of that since we moved here.  One of the reasons I did not want to raise cows is because when they get out of the fence, they travel.  I don't know what makes them leave acres of pasture, with water troughs, to walk across many acres of  varying hays, so they can stand in someone's manicured, flower bedded, UNfarm front yard, but they all seem to have that basic instinct.

It hasn't happened in a few years.. but this week it did.  My husband walked them home, across a neighbors farm.  I will remind him of this every time he gives me a hard time for giving the cows treats and hand feeding them.  They aren't skittish, and they will walk right with us, hoping for treats.  

After they returned, I posted this photo, and a few others on facebook, and I was surprised by how many commented about remembering doing this many times when they were younger.  Apparently we aren't the first to have cows escape the fence.  Maybe we aren't QUITE as bad at this as I had feared.

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