Planning Our Trip W/ Android Apps

In April 2013 we spent a week in San Antonio Texas, for our son's graduation from Air Force Basic Training.   See More Here:

Screenshot of the homescreen I created for this trip

The widget at the top of the screen is from the Tripit App.  The nice thing about this app was that I could forward all of our confirmation emails - flight reservation, car rental, hotel - all to an email provided by the app, and it automatically added all of the information to our itinerary, including the confirmation numbers.  Clicking on the widget showed the overview of our trip, with times for our flights, etc.

The folder on the top left was for directions.  I use Go Launcher on my phone, so it is simple to add shortcuts of any kind.  Click on menu, choose add, flick to the right and choose shortcut.  Then I chose "maps" and created a google map shortcut for all of our destinations.  Hotel, Air Force Base, Car Rental Return Location, Riverwalk, Japanese Tea Garden...  it didn't matter where we were at, I could click on the shortcut for where we wanted to go, and my phone navigated us there, without me having to search for the address, it was already saved.  This was really nice!

The second shortcut, the blue one, is a direct shortcut to the google docs document with the Lackland Air Force Base graduation schedule, so I could reference it quickly whenever I had questions.

The last two in that first row are GOBY, and Yelp.  Goby is more for events nearby, Yelp is great for reviews of restaurants and establishments.  We didn't really use the Goby app, but we did use the Yelp app - that is how we found the great gelati place near our hotel, and Congers Smoke shack for the fabulous BBQ.

The second row of shortcuts was mainly for on the plane  - shortcuts to two books I read on our trip, and the red shortcut on the right is to google play movies.  Before we left, I rented, and downloaded, The Life Of PI to watch on our flight.  This worked so well for my husband that he rented a second movie for the flight home.  (I used the time on the flight home to read a book, and work on our trip diary, which I typed into evernote)

The Riverwalk has it's own app.  It was a handy guide to read through.

We flew on Southwest - the southwest app sort of sucks, but I did use it to check our flight times.  One of our flights was delayed, I could watch the times on here.

Expensify allows you to snap pics of your receipts on you phone to track your expenses and your budget.  

The Trip Advisor San Antonio App was nice, we used that to browse for activities nearby.  It's how we chose the Japanse Tea Garden, our favorite spot on this trip.

Day 2, Thursday:
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  1. Hi there, I found you through the Jenni's blog. I am a lover of travel and this post has given me so many ideas for app's to use when travelling. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this :) xoxo

  2. Great post. I'm bookmarking some of these apps for later!


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