Geocaching Challenge - I Cache Therefor I Hike (50 miles)

GC2T4BH  - I Cache, Therefore I Hike! (milestone challenge)

Log 50 miles of hiking to caches

" In your log entry, list the hike(s) or geoaching series you did to complete this milestone.  You do not need to list every GC Number in a series, but include at least one to help promote the series.  Example:  Bear Valley Hiking Series (12 miles) GC39KTD, LOST C&D Rails to Trails (18 Miles) GC33GF7, Hawk Mountain Hike (10 miles) GC16FMB, etc."

Datruck's Crew - Progress
1 mile GC3YD6X Area 51
.5 mile GC2VG9W S J Fire Tower
1.5 Miles Raiders of the Lost Cache and others in Governor Dick GC2NH2H
1 mile GCHVPC  Goosepond (gamelands)
1 mile GCGB2Q Top Of 1,000 steps Bear Paw Trail
1 mile - GC61D Fern Rock
1 mile - GCQ7Z4 Boulder Field
1.5 mile GC13AMQ Watkins Glen Gorge Trail
2 miles GCHVNE Guts (Gamelands)
2 miles GC2BBBB 3 night caches with an event
3 miles GCVYT0 Loop De Loop (Montour Preserve)
3 miles (at least) for the Geoaddiction Series GC12B39  (LOVED this series)
3.5 mile loop GCXG5E Danville Rail To Trail Series
3 miles (roughly) GCWWY9 for the two RB Winter Caches
4 miles GC1VG89 Lake Makoma Conservancy
5 Miles GC9C61 Ricketts Glen Falls Trail
5 Miles GC134XM Ryder Park Trails
7 Miles GCNYNV Worlds End State Park Caches

46 Miles