On The Farm This Week 5/1/12

It's been a busy week on the farm.  Last Friday my Alpaca was delivered. On Saturday I bought a Donkey at the Amish sale.  We had kittens born, tore down the old fencing in the front yard (the former goat pen) and picked up all the lumber for the new fence, and this Saturday we acquired a new calf that needs bottle fed.

Fb Status from the farm this week:

Luke just called from inside the chicken coop- the wind blew the door shut and latched it from the outside, locking him in. Fortunately he had his cell phone w/ him. :-)

and another:
Today three men just walked into our pasture, to see how Rocky (Dan's horse) rides. Apparently they were under the impression they could buy him, so they just stopped by and walked into the pasture to go check him out. Didn't ask, didn't stop at the house - just walked right in. Unbelievable. 

Alfred the Alpaca:

Isn't he cute?  This is our first alpaca.  We hope to get him some girlfriends at some point this year.
More about Alpacas

Donkey, named Donkey after the donkey in Shrek.  Another addition to the farm in the past week.  We got him at the Amish sale (Beaver Run Consignment Sale) but the man who brought him there bought him at Middleburg Auction.  He said it was a pity buy  - he was in bad shape when he bought him.  He got him healthy, then sold him.  Donkey is super friendly - we love him!



This is a major big deal.  I've been struggling with the idea of a new horse. Wrangler has been here a couple of months now, but I kept finding excuses to not ride him.  I was a little afraid of him, and i miss Red something fierce.  But Wrangler did GREAT, he was a dream to ride.  Well behaved.  Didn't spook when the dogs ran and jumped in front of him.  Didn't spook with Rocky beside us (Dan's horse is a bit of a bully, and him and wrangler sometimes have issues when they are in the pasture..  I worried about having them both out riding side by side).  Now we just need to make riding a habit.

Meg rode Cricket, shown on the left here. She had a miserable time with him.  :-(  He is a little green.


Arrived on Saturday - a 5 day old heifer calf (twin) from the dairy farm next door.  She's in her own pen out back for now, while she is bottle fed, we'll move her over with the others when she no longer needs a bottle.  

The other two continue to do well and get big!  They are temporarily living in the upper horse ring with Donkey, Alfred, and 3 goats.  All are getting along well.  Everyone is living there this week while the new fencing is being put up in our front yard.


Still waiting for Aryiana to give birth...  Dan said from the feel of her ligaments, it will probably be another week or two.  I'd like to get the new fence up and get her moved back into her pen before she gives birth, but she'd be fine in the pen she is in now too.

Our oldest son FINALLY caught the last of the peacock "babies" (one year old, last years babies) so now the buyers can come pick them up - we have them all sold.  We are keeping Mr & Mrs Peabody, my breeding pair.

We are truly drowning in eggs. I know I could sell them, but for now I don't want to mess with that.  We've been giving them away left and right.

There are Emu chicks on craigslist this week, but they want $75 each for them. I'm afraid they would die for us, I'd rather buy adults to start with.

It snowed this week.  Snow.  Now much, but enough that I am glad I didn't get overly anxious with all that super warm weather we had and plant a bunch of things outside.

Chickens checking out the strawberry plants

Empty raised beds in the back yard.  (The pallet fence in the back is the Calf pen, that is where we put the new calves when they arrive.  It's sheltered from the wind by the garage, and convenient to run out the back door and feed a bottle)


Kittens born on the farm this week

We've started the new fencing project.