Alfred The Alpaca

After a couple of months, Alfred was MISERABLE here.  He was obviously depressed. We found him a home with other alpacas, and he is very happy there - alpacas are a herd animal, and apparently goats are not always companions for them, Alfred was happiest with other alpacas.

Why did we get an alpaca?
     Because they are cute, and we knew someone who was selling one.  Yep, there are probably better reasons.  But That's all I've got.  :-)  He is intact, so if I can find some reasonably priced girls, we can have alpaca babies.  Which would be awesome.  (I just sold sheep because I didn't want to sheer them...  but we can pet Alfred.  We couldn't pet the sheep.  I'll learn to shear)

What do Alpaca's eat?
     Yep, I bought an alpaca without even knowing that.  So far I can tell you that he loves the grass.  He wasn't interested in the goats grain.  He hasn't touched the hay.   Good Website - (Thanks Google!)

What's the Difference between a llama & an Alpaca?
    Again, I turn to google for help, and find:
I did pretty much know this - we have had a llama here on the farm in the past.  What I did not realize is that alpacas are a herd animal.  right now I have Alfred in with the sheep, and I can move him with the horses for company..  but I do want to get him some girlfriends.  Basically, llamas are larger, and can be used for pulling carts, or keeping coyotes out of the pasture.  Alpacas are for fleece, and not much else.  Alpacas are smaller than llamas, and their fur is much softer, and a better texture, than llamas.

Alpacas rarely challenge fences. Dan likes that.
They are a herd animal.  Alfred will need friends.  :-)
They need sheared.
They eat mostly grasses.
They do not require a lot of space.
They do need to be wormed.

I have to get a video of Alfred walking.  His gait is funny - it's fun to watch!  (I think it's a normal alpaca gait - just different than say, the horses, or the goats)

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