Tackle it Tuesday - Glove & Hat storage

The before pic on top is shameful.  I have no excuse.  Half of that mess is a pile of mending.  I tossed almost half of it, figuring if it was there all summer and not missed, we don't really need it.  The other half is puppy supplies. From the puppies we had here this spring.  What is supposed to be there in the summer are the pool towels, kayak bags and the middle assortment of bug sprays and sunscreens.

I spent some time looking for ideas to better organize our hats and gloves, but ended up, as seen on the bottom of the photo, with a basket of Miche covers, a stack of scarves, a crate of gloves and a stack of hats.  Simple, but I think it works for us.  Anyway, it's at least clean!  And it only took me a few minutes to fix this area.

Some of the ideas I found, but couldn't use in this space:

Shoe racks are the most popular solution, and probably what I would use if I had a door to hang one on. 

I love this sooooo much!  I do not have any wall space in my laundry room unfortunately.

These buckets are really cute, and would be simple to make.

I found this on a google image search - you can buy racks like this, or maybe find something at the thrift store (a letter holder maybe?) that would work. But I know my kids would not take the time to put gloves back on here and we have so many gloves that it would take up too much space.  (We need work gloves, nice gloves, snow gloves..  x5 people)

This is such a pretty "after"!  She has before pics and her process on her site here:
I LOVE that scarf storage!


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