From the Recipe Drawer - Goulash

What I used:
I ended up doubling the recipe.  It only calls for half that box of macaroni, and half that bottle of tomato juice.  I also added salt & pepper.

There was more cheese to add to individual bowls.  My normal goulash does not use vegetables, chili powder, or cheese, and I usually use canned whole tomatoes and a little spaghetti sauce instead of the juice and tomato sauce.  I like the addition of vegetables and will probably do that in the future - although I'll use frozen instead of canned, it is cheaper.  We loved the addition of cheese, and the chili powder is a nice touch.  

The Recipe Drawer
When we bought the farm from my mother in law, it came with a recipe drawer.  Her recipes, recipes from aunts, friends, sister in laws, mostly in family members handwriting. My daughter & I have been working through the drawer, trying as many of the recipes as we can.