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Finishing up some Dishcloths

Part of my 52 Projects in 2013, where I am trying to use up some of the supplies in my craft closet, finish half finished projects, and finally get to some of the projects I have had in the back of my mind for a long time.

I had some cotton yarn leftovers in the craft closet, so I pulled it out and quickly made up a few dishcloths. In the process, I remembered how much I really enjoy making these.  So quick and easy!

My favorite "pattern" is two rows of double crochet, one row of triple crochet.  Repeat. 
I have a lot of cotton yarn in a pink and green variegated color.  I think it would make nice wash cloths.  Add in some home made bars of soap, and they might be Christmas gifts this year...
I'm looking at pattern ideas here: and I think I want to try this one:
and this pinterest board has so many great patterns!

Painting a worn out travel coffee cup

I've included this in my 24 days of Simple Christmas crafts, because it would be simple to paint a Christmas theme, or paint one as a gift..  but travel mugs in general make great simple gifts.  Watch for sales at Shutterfly and Ink Garden to make nice travel mugs with your photos on them.  I did one for my husband last year with our family photo (all of us in Steelers jerseys) and not only does he love it, but it has held up really well.

From This: To This:
in 5 easy steps.
(And the after will look even better if you have any actual artistic abilities...  )
Step One: Use a brillo pad to remove the rest of the existing design.  This was a coffee mug from sheetz that I love.  It has a great lid, a great seal, and it keeps my coffee hot.  But the design wore off where I held the cup all the time.  
Step 2 - Base Coat
I used a paint named "camel" and sponged it on.  
Step 3 - Paint on your Design (this is an after pic, I didn't get a pic of the just painted step, so it will not …

No Sew - Recovering the footstool

This embarrasment has sat in my kitchen for the last year.  Ok, maybe two.  I would often toss a throw blanket across it to hide the tear...  but that was as far as I got.
Why?  Because I was convinced there was some great, exciting, perfect new technique that I would want to try on it, and I didn't want to do something less than spectacular.  So instead I settled for embarrassing.  I know it makes no sense, but it's how I often work.  Or don't work.
Recently I bought the exact same color, same type, of fabric, planning to slipcover this until I found something more exciting to do with it.  (Because my dog sleeps on this, and I put my feet on it after coming out of the garden, fancy embroidery was not a good idea. Not that I DO  fancy embroidery, but I had ruled that one out anyway)

So today I finally pulled out the material, changed the thread on my sewing machine, and...  got sidetracked by cleaning out the craft closet. Then I walked past this and decided I should cut the …

Tackle It Tuesday - The Craft Closet

I have two tackle it tuesday projects today..  the cleaning cabinet was in my weekly cleaning time today, because it is part of my regular weekly cleaning of the kitchen & laundry room, and part of my spring cleaning prep work.

The craft closet was my real project today - done in the time of my day reserved to work on my To DO list.  One of my goals this year is to finish up a BUNCH of these half finished crafts I have in this closet, so getting this cleaned up  should have been done in January.  Oh well, at least I got to it.  It really didn't take long..  

Before (views from different angles)


I had wanted to take an inventory of all the crafts I have to work on, but that is too daunting for me right now.  Instead I made a list of a few of the projects, by category, to tackle next:
Sewing: Dog bed for Izzy nightgown swiffer covers
Quilting: Top of embroidery quilt Windmill quilt quilted and binding on
Painting: Coffee cup salt & pepper shakers Trash Can
Yarn: Finish granny square…

Tackle It Tuesday - The Cleaning Cabinet

Prepping for Spring Cleaning, Week One, Day Two (See Day One here)
This week, for me, is all about evaluating projects and gathering supplies. The next few weeks will be tackling projects (like painting radiators and track lighting, sewing reusable swiffer wetjet covers & slip clovers for the living room chairs..) and then the first week in March I will actually get to the room by room spring clean.
Yesterday was Monday, so it was bedrooms & upstairs bathroom. Tuesday I clean the kitchen & laundry room, which happens to be where my very messy cleaning supply cabinet is:
From yesterdays list - I found caulk in the garage and brought it in to warm up (to caulk the upstairs bathtub) found the paint I had already bought for the radiators, and put it in here with my other supplies..  and I added recipes for my glass cleaner & furniture polish to the door of this cabinet, so when it's time to make more of them, I don't have to go looking for the recipes.  (t…

Spring Cleaning Prep - Week One, Day One

I'm tentatively planning to do my Spring Cleaning the first full week of March.  Maybe the last week of February.. I have not completely decided yet.  Today as I was doing my regular weekly cleaning (Mondays - Bedrooms &  Bathrooms) I started making lists of what I will need, some projects that can be done ahead (liking painting radiators and the upstairs bathroom track lighting) and generally thinking ahead.  Today I spent a little extra time cleaning the edges of the bathroom floor..  This is my list, in case it is helpful to inspire anyone else starting to think about spring cleaning.  :-)
For More inspiration: Martha Stewarts Spring Cleaning Check List A Pinterest Board Dedicated to Cleaning Tips:
In Our Bedroom: buy new sheetsbuy new pillowsAsk Dan to clean out his gun cabinetAsk Dan to hang my jewelry cabinetBuy drawer liner

Making Pajama Pants

I was hoping to make us all a pair of Air Force print fleece pajama pants for our "super secret surprise Christmas eve gift * this year, but JoAnns has only ugly AF fleece, and it's very expensive.  I may have to settle for a dark blue plaid?  This will be our first year without all of our children home for Christmas.  Luke is stationed near Spokane WA, on the other side of the continent, and cannot come home at all over the holidays.  :-(  I'm making t-shirts that say "Proud Air Force Dad", "Proud Air Force Brother", etc, to go with the pajama pants - which we'll wear when skyping with Luke for Christmas.  Since Luke is 6'5 and off the shelf pajama pants are never long enough for him either, I'll make him a couple of pairs as well.
* Each year our kids have been able to open one gift on Christmas eve.  Every year it has been pajamas.  I used to include crayons and a coloring book, when they were younger.  Because they have always gotten paj…

Wiifit Island Run - Follow the Dog!

My plan for next week is at the bottom of this post.
Last week I started doing the island run on wiifit.  I remembered my kids mentioning something about running ahead of your guide and following the dog, so I did..  fun!  The dog is right at the starting gate,  run fast so you go right past your guide and catch the dog.
He takes you on a different path, and you jump off cliffs.  Twice. 

I ended January with a 6.6lb loss.  Disappointing - and short of what I needed for the DietBet Challenge I was in.  I actually showed an additional 4lb loss early on this month, but that did not last.  
But I know where I went wrong. I  was not consistant enough.  Weeks of genealogy work kept me sitting on my butt, and weeks of 5 degree temps kept my husband and I from our afternoon walk. I did not add any additional inside exercise to compensate for the lack of walking, and I ate too much junk while sitting in front of a computer doing genealogy.
Still, all in all, 6.6lbs..  if I lose that every month thi…