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At the Livestock Auction This Afternoon

The sale seems to run later and later every week.  It is almost 3:30 now, and there is still a pen and a half of sheep before they will get to the goats.

Lots of changes here in the last year.  The computer system is a great upgrade.  We used to have to wait for the paper slips to travel up to the office before we could pay for what we bought.  Now we can walk up immediately, pay, and leave.

They used to sell the sheep after the goats and poultry, now they sell between the calves and goats.  I don't know what prompted the change, but it used to be you would only see a few sheep here. Often none at all.  This spring there are full pens of sheep, every week.  Sometimes there appear to be as many sheep here as there are calves.  There is one pen of really adorable yearlings, with long pretty fur. Another pen has 8 older sheep that do not look healthy at all.  :-(

There is a lot more poultry here ever& week too.  We brought in a crate of sex link hens, and a duck, today- cleaning…

Dewart Livestock Auction

It's packed here today.  We brought in a rooster and three geese to sell- got $7 each for the geese and $4 for the rooster.  Much better than i expected. 

Two beautiful alpacas went for $110 each.  Guineas brought $9 each today. 

Dewart livestock auction is held every monday, starting outdoors with eggs, corn , hay, and a very small produce sale.  Calves start about 1:00pm, usually getting to goats and sheep around 2:30, followed by poultry, pigs, then the larger steers and cows.

Talking to Much & Meddling In The Affairs Of Others

From our BSF notes this week (last notes for our study of Acts)"Peter states that when we are reproached for the name of Christ or falsely accused, we are to rejoice (1 Peter 4:12-16).  However, we are to be careful that the charges are not because we talk to much, or meddle in the affairs of others."I've been watching so much strife on facebook lately, and this has me thinking about the division between standing up for what you believe, and meddling in the affairs of others.  Social media makes meddling so much easier today- every status begs for a response, that is the purpose of posting, right?But maybe not.  Just because someone declares their beliefs in their status does not mean we need to respond at all.  We can disagree without words, but simply by how we live our own lives.  Unconcerned by the choices of those with whom we have no power to change, we are freed from so much strife.  1 Peter 4:12-16 NIV:
"Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal …

My 2012 Garden Plan

Most of this is already in..  but I have not yet transplanted the peas.  They were grown in the field, but did not do well at all.  There are enough plants out there to move to this garden, but they will not be ready before the sweet corn goes in that field..  so I'll transplant them to here.  And still have room in front for something else, I think.
This is not to scale - each section but the one on the right is the length of a railroad tie.  The last one, on the right, is a short section.

Dealing With CL in Goats

"Caseous Lymphadenitis or CL is a highly contagious bacterial disease that affects sheep and goats. CL is characterized by abscess formations in the skin, internal and external lymph nodes, and internal organs. CL is a worldwide chronic disease in goats and sheep; however, some animals within a herd appear to be very resistant to this disease."

There is a new policy at the Dewart Livestock Auction, we can't go into the pens to check the goats anymore.

So the inevitable happened.

The first usual indication of CL infection is the presence of an external abscess visible behind the ears, beneath the jaw or neck, on the shoulder, or in the rear flank region. They may also develop between the hind legs where scrotal sac or udder attaches. Internal abscesses are detectable only through necropsy (examination after the animal is dead). Unfortunately, it is the internal abscesses that are fatal, whereas external abscesses are the ones generall…

Raised Beds - Planned & Planted

Most years I look at Companion Planting guides, and then I go out and plant the garden willy nilly.  This year I wanted to follow some of the suggestions.  So when I made my plan (I use microsoft publisher, 5x7 page size, create a grid for the veggies, and add notes to the right.  Save each page as a jpg, send to my phone..  voila, portable, digital, garden planning)
I planted cabbage right in the herb bed this year, because the smell of the herbs, and marigolds, are supposed to help repel the cabbage worms.  I planted catnip in the backyard too, because it is supposed to help repel fleas. 
Currently there are 3 raised, Modified Square Foot Garden, boxes in my back yard.  Below are the planning sheets, followed by a photo of what the box looks like planted.  I do not have tomatoes in the ground here yet, but everything else is in.

Ironing out a water mark

This would be what happens when you put a box with a hot stromboli in it, directly on my kitchen table.  Fortunately, this time I knew what to do about it.  In the past, for water rings on this table, I tried mayo.  It never worked.  I had resigned myself to sanding down, and refinishing the table, once the kids were a bit older.  (This belonged to my husbands great aunt - one of my favorite relatives)
This table has been waxed.  A lot.  Not by me - I got it this way.  It actually has thick foam protectors to cover the entire surface, so that it is protected all the time..  but I never quite understood why I would want a wood table top, just to cover it in foam and vinyl?
Anyway, I saw an episode of the Revolution, and learned that on waxed finishes, mayo does't work.  That you need to use heat!
A soft cloth, and an iron.  Do not let the iron set, keep it moving.  And this isn't instant..  it will take just a few minutes. 
But it's so worth the results!

On The Farm This Week 5/1/12

It's been a busy week on the farm.  Last Friday my Alpaca was delivered. On Saturday I bought a Donkey at the Amish sale.  We had kittens born, tore down the old fencing in the front yard (the former goat pen) and picked up all the lumber for the new fence, and this Saturday we acquired a new calf that needs bottle fed.

Fb Status from the farm this week:

Luke just called from inside the chicken coop- the wind blew the door shut and latched it from the outside, locking him in. Fortunately he had his cell phone w/ him. :-)

and another:
Today three men just walked into our pasture, to see how Rocky (Dan's horse) rides. Apparently they were under the impression they could buy him, so they just stopped by and walked into the pasture to go check him out. Didn't ask, didn't stop at the house - just walked right in. Unbelievable.
Alfred the Alpaca:

Isn't he cute?  This is our first alpaca.  We hope to get him some girlfriends at some point this year. More about Alpacas http://f…