My favorite Cleaning Products

Home Made Glass Cleaner (which I use for counters, appliances, & glass)
& Purex Fabric Softener.  Yes, I know you can use vinegar, but I really prefer Purex.

Scott's Liquid Gold for every day dusting (the BEST for old wood furniture!)

Home Made wood cleaner (for once a month cleaning, a little more oily then the Scott's)
Comet & sos pads - for the sinks and stoves
The Works Toilet Cleaner, and The Works Shower Cleaner, for hard water stains
(Dollar General has their own brand for a few cents less, but I do not think it works as well. )
Iron Out for monthly cleaning of the shower heads, washer, coffee pot,  and if the water system is acting up, the dishes.  I've started using lemon shine in our dishwasher and it is AWSOME.  Not only is is cleaning up the dishwasher, but our glasses are finally truly clean and sparkling!
For the daily floor cleaning..  I admit to loving my swiffer wetjet.  I keep trying various reusable options..  but most often I buy the disposables.  This is the one area I want to work on  - I don't like disposable products and try to avoid them.
(Weekly the floors need to be washed by hand.  Not that I always do, but they NEED to be.) For that I use pinesol.
Bissel vacuum cleaner.  This is one of the cheaper models - but I love it!  I tried a more expensive Pet hair version, and it was just too much of a pain to use. The attachments on this are easy to get to, it cleans well, is light, the cannister holds a lot (this is a farm, with two dogs, several cats, and 4 teenagers in and out. )  My first one lasted me 4 years - a record for any vacuum I have ever owned.  I bought a new one, just like it, recently for $89.

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  1. It's always fun to see what others are using. I have got many great ideas that way, thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite cleaners and the recipes for homemade cleaners. Looking forward to giving them a try.


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