A case of Scott's Liquid Gold

I buy old furniture.  Not restored antiques - beat up old furniture.  I like it.  I don't want to paint most of it, I like the look of wood.  Most of my furniture it purchased at the Beaver Run Consignment Sale - an Amish run auction to benefit their school.  (Although with what they must make off that auction, they could have a huge air conditioned building with full time paid staff..  not just the outside toilets and simple one room school they have..) 

I furnished my entire dining room - china cabinet, dry sink, buffet, two wing chairs, two end tables, a piano, and a dining room table with 8 chairs - for $100.  THAT kind of old furniture. Normally I bring it home, and use Scott's liquid gold on it, the wonder spray that makes scratched, dinged, dried out, furniture look...  rustic, but clean and nice.  

Last week I ran out of Scott's.  I stopped at our grocery store where I usually buy it - there;s no longer even a space on the shelf for it.  I tried Big Lots, where I sometimes find it, no luck.  Tried target - No Scott's.

Uh oh!  So in desperation I bought Old English in a spray bottle.   My living room looks clean..  but shiny.  It's oily, and the overspray on my walls worried me..  I'm not sure it will just dry up, and if it does't, my walls look like I was cooking with oil in front of them, and it splattered.  Not pretty.  I had to use too much of it - the spray was..  too much.  it did a great job getting in all the detailed nooks and crannies of my furniture, but to do so meant I used half a bottle just in my dining room.  And everything looks shiny - like a high gloss version of Scott's.  I think I'd like to use this once in awhile, IF it dries nicely, but for weekly polishing, it's way too much.

I need my scott's liquid gold!!  I went to the website today, and they do still make it.
  I think I'm going to order a case.  :-)

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