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Coconut Cake - from Grammie Smith's Cookbook

While working on the Smith Genealogy, Dan's mom lent me two family bibles, a shoe box of newspaper clippings, and her mother's cookbook.  I'm in the process of scanning in the entire cookbook, typing the recipes that have become difficult to read, and I'll put it all together as a book, with some photos added, and have it printed and bound at Staples for Dan's siblings for Christmas gifts this year.  I thought this recipe was appropriate with Easter coming up....

Coconut Cake
1/2 c butter
1 cups sugar
3 eggs
1/2 c milk
2 c pastry flower
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla

Cream butter and sugar well, add eggs beaten, then milk last flour sifted well with baking powder.  Bake modern oven about 15 minutes.

Note that there is NO coconut in this coconut cake recipe...  is that because the icing is supposed to be coconut?  I've never made a coconut cake before.  My husband doesn't like coconut, I'm making this today purely for the kids.  I'm pretty sure I just ice this in white icing, sprinkled with coconut?

Grammie Smith lived through the depression, and was always very frugal.  I haven't looked too closely at all the recipes yet, but I will share them as I do.  This one is mixing up in my kitchen right now.  Lacking a functional "modern oven", I'll cook this in the crockpot roaster at 350 today.  (My oven has been broken off and on all year, it's "off" currently)  I've baked cakes in there before, it does a good job.

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  1. Hi Heather. What a great project you have here. This is such a treasure for both your immediate and extended families. I'm looking forward to your updates on this project. :-) Thank you for participating in Vintage Recipe Thursday.
    I think you are right about the coconut sprinkled on the white icing.

  2. Heather....I just love what you're doing with the recipe book! The cake looks like it would be good even without the coconut....I don't like coconut very much either even though my Easter Bunny cake has lots of it. Good thing the rest of my family loves it! :)


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