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Battle Ship Wherigo (Geocaching)
This was by far the most unique, and probably the most frustrating, wherigo that I have ever done.  We spent a good hour or more walking around an empty grass field playing virtual battleship.  

From the cache description: "You must sink all battleships before your ammo runs out. To start the game, stand in the middle of the field and select the "Start Game" item.
The ships will be hidden from view until you damage one. To shoot where you are standing, select the caliber shell from your inventory and click the "Fire!" button. All ships within the shell's area of effect will be damaged.

To win the game, you must sink all five ships before your ammunition runs out."
The location takes you to an empty field, bordered by trees, across from a very popular lake with busy walking trails.  Even though this is a VERY popular area, we had the patch of …

Visiting Geocaching HQ, & The Fremont Geocaches We were able to visit Geocaching Headquarters, and complete the HQ geotour, while in Washington this year. Each of these geocaches is well thought out, and well done.  This is all urban caching, but geocaching is so common and familiar in this area that muggles are not really a problem.  The first cache we did was so obvious, it was near impossible to show any true stealth.  But like the WVTim caches in West Virginia, it just wasn't really necessary to hide what we were doing.
The passport for the caches can be found here: We did not have the passport with us, and we didn't have access to a printer.  Neither did another group we ran into several times that day.  That was no problem, we both used paper we had with us and groundspeak had no trouble accepting that from us. The caches are all pretty close together.  But the hills are pretty steep in this area …

Finding a Chirp Geocache On Android

The chirp cache we found is called Birdy, in Spokane WA.

We had never found a chirp cache before, so while my husband got the gps ready, I did a quick search for a phone app. I found this :

All I had to do was open the app & choose "turn chip searching on".

Walk to the coords, and a screen popped up with the final coords.

Very fast.  Very easy.  Super simple.

Our gps didn't pick it up.  It might have if we hung around - but we didn't since my phone did it so quickly.