Geocaching Favorites

After a semi disappointing trip the train trestle cache, I started thinking about caches that truly have taken me to beautiful views.  I can't remember all of them, but I'm starting a list so I can remember in the future.  :-)

We live in Central Pa, so most of our favorites are nearby - although we do travel the state a fair bit.  

I have a photo album of interesting geocaches here:

What A View!

Sharp's Ridge
High Above The Rest
Columbia Hill Summit
Hickory Run Boulder Field
Canyon Vista Trail
The Glens Of Ricketts Glen
Rider Vista
Shikellamy Scenic Look Out

Historical Spots
CCC Museum - also a GREAT container!

Pennsylvania Oddities
Graffiti Highway
Scripture Rocks
Land Of Oz
Wilson's Home
Galloping Ghost

Fun & Interesting 
Raiders Of The Lost Cache
Lewisburg Bookswap Cache (find the cache, swap a book!)
Flea Market Find (great container!)
Old Trolls (Great container)

Gadget Caches
Betwixt & Between 6 & 5
How's The Fishing  & Where'D The Cache Go (2 locations, same gadget)
  Slide Me Up The Pipe
  Float Your Cache
The Answer Is The Key (A WVTIM copycat cache)

Evil Hides (super tricky containers)
Nature's Totem Pole

Interesting Caches That I Don't Personally Love

Fools Gold (find the container, then sort through a bunch of little containers inside to find the log)
Train Trestle Falls