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Printing Monograms on Burlap

I'm so amazed at how easy this was, and how well it turned out.  It's not a pillow yet - but at the moment I'm too busy trying to see how many things I can print on burlap to settle down and sew the pillow together.  :-)
After my little living room rearrangement, I have been looking for an accent pillow, but haven't found anything I loved.

Then I saw something like this on groupon.  I think it was groupon - I am not even sure.  But it was something like this:
Wouldn't that make a great accent pillow?

So I googled how I'd monogram burlap, expecting ideas involving stencils and paint.

No.  Even better.  I found where someone had simply attached burlap to card stock using spray adhesive, and ran it through their printer.  Their PRINTER!!

Could it really be that simple?

Before the burlap craze hit, I found burlap coffee bags at Surplus City in Williamsport (my favorite store.  Ever.) for 25 cents each  I bought a few of them having no idea what I'd do with them…

Step By Step Home Made Peppermint Soap

(This is a "How I did It" post, but to make soap, you really need to read up on it before making it yourself, and be very, very careful with the lye.  I never have a problem with it, but it can be dangerous.  My favorite book is the simple, pretty,  Soap Book by Sandy Maine)
You can make pretty white soaps with dyes swirled through, etc, but that's not really my style, and mostly exceeds my attention span.  (Most things do...)  I like rustic looking soaps.  I use herbs and essential oils mostly.  Not because I'm opposed to the fancier soap fragrance oils, but mostly because they have to be ordered online and I don't often plan ahead well enough when it's time to make soap.  Perhaps one year when I'm not knee deep in football season during soap making season.. or maybe some time I'll make soap at a different time of year.  But for now, I usually make soap in September or October.  Which means I intend to make it in September, to give it 3 months to dry…

Moving the chairs 6 inches is not rearranging the furniture. :-)

Before: (There was a clock on this wall, I took it down then thought to snap some before pics before I took anything else off the walls) When I mentioned that I was frustrated with how dark and blah our living room felt, my boys all rolled their eyes, expecting to have to move furniture once again.  But really, this furniture only fits in here one way.  I told them they were off the hook - and hurriedly took some pics that night before I got started.  So the pics are really dark, and sort of blurry, making the before and after all the more dramatic.  :-)  After: The bench is new. I found it for $15 at the thrift store.  It opens up, and will make a great toy box.  (I keep a box of toys behind the couch for when friends kids are over).  I did NOT have to move the couch to fit the bench in there.  Not even an inch.  :-) The shelf on the brick wall is from AC Moore.  I paid $1.99 for a walnut gel stain there, in the craft paint aisle.  I used a 50% off coupon on the shelf, making it $9.  …

Taufshein, printed & framed

If you are looking for Bender Genealogy, see my genealogy blog here:

I LOVE old German Taufshein's.  Or any old german certificate.  I search through them in every musuem, praying to find one that relates to our lines. I came across this one a few years back - not the original, just a photo on an tree, and later in a book by Nelson Sulouff.  

So my plan, to have a copy here in my house, was to print it out, trace it, and hand paint it to replicate it.

And then this week I came to my senses.  I have little to no artistic talent, even less patience, and I own a color printer.

Yes I could have uploaded this and had it printed at Sam's club, but this cheap yellow drawing paper (one of those artists tablets you can find at the dollar store, for small children) was rather perfect.  It was too large, I cut it down to 8x10 to run through my printer.

The first time I printed this, I printed just the phot…

Apple Dumplings

Ingredients: 6 apples, peeled & cored Two Pie Crusts a stick and a half, roughly, of  Butter  1 Cup Brown Sugar 1.5 t cinnamon 1 t Nutmeg 4 Cups Water 2.5 Cups White Sugar 2 t Vanilla Extract
My favorite pie crust recipe is this one from Martha Stewart - made in a food processor.
My second favorite is this one.  Second choice won out this week.  :-) (side note - the berry pie recipe on this box is my favorite pie recipe of all time) Roll the dough out.  Shown here is one pie crust, rolled thin.Pplace each apple on a square of dough.  Cut butter into chunks - roughly 1T per an apple.  Stick butter inside the apple, sprinkle with brown sugar - inside and out. Wrap the dough around the apple. When I wrap each apple, I used the second pie crust, cut, to "top" the apples.
Place in pan.
 Make The Sauce: Boil water, sugar, vanilla, and 3T of butter in a saucepan.�…