Geocaching Challenge - The Top 10 Favorites In PA

GC3T620 - CTJ: PA 'Favorites' Challenge Adventure 

The challenge with this cache is that the favorites change from week to week.  :-)  "The list changes from week to week as more cachers award their 'favorite' points. Find and log the 10 most 'favorite' caches in PA and you are ready to snag this bonus smiley."

You have found 5 of the top 10
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1GC2HN2H5082015-07-05Raiders of the Lost Cache
2GC184355State Game Lands #109
3GCJ8M8348Auto Art
4GC424129850 State Traveler
5GC14YRW284The Devil's Den
6GC59AF280Thousand Steps Cache
7GCA2502482006-09-14Peace at Gettysburg
8GCKA5M2212006-09-14Unsettled Spirit
9GC88082212006-09-14High On Longstreet
10GC161PZ210Little Round Top

We Need To Find:

State Game Lands 109 is near Erie Pa, 4 hours away

Auto Art - 
    We've been to this cache, I have photos of it and remember our kids loved it...  not sure why it is not logged by us.  Need to fix this!

50 State Traveler - This is a traveling cache.  Ugh.
    This little buggy (bugger?) Is on a whirlwind tour of the 50 states. Along the way he would like to pick up some souvenirs. Please help him on his way from state to state & allow him to hold onto his trophies. Cache is a White PVC section w/a TB Tag # engraved on the outside. Here is my combo Travel Bug/Traveling Cache. Please go to:this link - the TB.

The Devils Den - Gettysburg
     Check, we pobably already did this one. I'm terrible at logging earthcaches

Thousand Steps Cache- 2 hours southwest of us
      Be sure to get a cache in Mifflin County for the counties challenge on the way through

Little Round Top - Gettysburg

Bumped from the list - 
Centralia, The Burning Town 190 Favorites

Finding The Final - 

Looking at a map, the final will be about an hour and 45 minutes away from us, and is located slightly northwest of Reading PA.