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On the Farm, May 5th 2014

We've made so much progress over the past two weeks!  Still so much to do, but we're crossing big things off the lists now.  :-)  The peacocks are loving that big new run, there on the right.  The bunnies are outside in the new hutch, on the left.  I love the new herb bed, with the Inuksuk in the middle, and the raised bed gardens are all doing well.
We pulled out the clothesline poles, and moved them.  Then I painted them blue.  And added little rock beds around them, planting french lavendar around each pole.

We hauled in a load of river rock for around the chairs and pond.
 We put in an herb bed, then I decided it looked unbalanced, and put in a butterfly bed as well.
This will be the butterfly garden
Our oldest built this Inuksuk a couple of years ago.  It was in an odd location, where you never saw it, in another yard..  we moved it back here where I can see it all the time. 
The horse pasture was looking sparse - Dan had oats planted into it this week.
 Bubba is moved …

Recovery Cleaning

Finn thought we should spend the day curled up with a blanket and a book.. 
Some weeks are just insane.  This has been one of them.  Extra drama practices for next weeks play, services at church each evening with the Encounter team, late nights and early mornings with lots of snacks and big breakfasts with the three extra teens staying in our home.  The first week of good weather - so LOTS of time outside in the gardens, and getting the outside ready for the skeet shoot in two weeks.  

I'm exhausted, and behind absolutely everywhere.  It's way too much to even make a to do list.  Where to start?  I could just concentrate on cleaning, and get the house completely in good order.  Or I could concentrate on catching up my email, and scheduling, and dealing with the 40 things people are waiting for me to respond on.  I could clear all the photos and videos off the camera, bake snacks for this evening, revise the menu plan & prep extra food for the week-end, spend the day outside …