Our Families Favorite Netflix Binges

Any suggestions for what we should watch next?  I'd love to hear them!

"Are You Still Watching Better Off Ted?"

Why yes Netflix, I am.  Stop lecturing me! 

With some extra snowy days this year, we've enjoyed our new netflix subscription.  These have been some of our favorites:

A former police officer returns to the force after having been wrongly imprisoned for years.  There's a subplot running through the season, where he tries to establish who all was responsible for framing him.

Better Off Ted
Short episodes, light and funny - we loved this show.
Description from Amazon.com - 
Sneaky, madcap, and completely addictive, Better Off Ted is a delicious lampoon of the corporate culture that puts profits over anything resembling human decency. Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) is the breezy, confident manager of the research and development department of Veridian Dynamics--a massive multinational corporation that does everything, from growing cowless meat to weaponizing pumpkins. Crisp has already had an affair with his blissfully heartless boss, Veronica (Portia de Rossi, from the cult favorite sitcom Arrested Development), which inhibits him from having an affair with the smart, lovely, somewhat neurotic new product tester Linda (Andrea Anders, Joey), lest he be seen as a guy who sleeps around the office. He has to look after his top two research scientists, Lem and Phil (Malcolm Barrett and Jonathan Slavin), who are brilliant but socially hapless, and his precocious young daughter Rose (Isabella Acres), whose mother abandoned them to save countries in Africa. From this web of relationships are woven absurd stories about cryogenically freezing employees, motion sensors that don't detect dark skin, Medieval Fight Club, hair growth formula, and phosphorescent squirrels. Better Off Ted is that rare sitcom with a genuinely distinctive sense of humor, one that may take a few moments to catch--but once you've gotten in sync, the show is gut-bustingly funny.

The Glades
Chicago Cop falsely accused of sleeping with his captains wife, shot by his captain, receives large settlement, moves to the Glades and solves murders in an unconventional manner.
WARNING - This series ends without ending.  They end the 4th season with a Cliffhanger, then did not renew the series.  I'm still hoping another network will pick this up and finish it!

We've just started watching this one, and are not at a season where we can truly binge on tv - but we've watched an episode here and there, and I LOVE this show!  Batman's castle with a robinhood/butler sidekick, add in Catwoman and kind of a Robinhood theme with a backstory flashbacks that will remind you of Lost, all done in more of a, darker,  White Collar/Leverage style.  We did have to skip a bit in one episode, and have not watched enough to know how clean it is..  keep the remote handy, but so far this is a family favorite.

So disappointed...

LOVED season one of this show. Loved the outfits, the customs and manners, loved the characters..  and then season 2 happened.  Season 2 lost the charm, and added sex.  The show went from charming and funny to annoying soap opera with sex in every episode in just one season.  How disappointing.


  1. "Meeting" my fellow Hello Mornings group. I'm also a homeschool mom. LOVE your family photo LOL. I haven't watched any of these shows but The Glades has been on my list to one day watch. (AdenaF.com)


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