WiiFit Cycling Tips & Cheats

 My fitbit, which works really well any other time, does not record steps when I do the wiifit island cycling.  

Wii Records - See everyone's best scores in different wiifit activities:

 A really blurry photo of my new bike
The last time I played I got a message congratulating me for unlocking the entire map.
So when I was done, I started a new game, just a basic one, and sure enough, this was the message at the start of the game.

"Secret Bike- The GPS on the bike has a built in grid-map of the island. It displays a map of the island, which is shown as a grid of squares. While all squares are darkened at the start, but if you visit a darkened square, it will be fully brightened. once you have visited a square, it is permanently lit. if you manage to bike to all the accessable squares, then the whole map will be lit up, and you will unlock a new bike. while it is not known whether the new bike handles better, it has a shinier look."

(I should be getting close.... but there is nothing telling you how close you are, you have to just keep riding around until you unlock every part, THEN it will tell you.  I've read that some of the sections can be hard to locate)

Press A, and the dog will run ahead and get the flag for you.  (You can't be too far away from the flag though) To have cats appear, not just dogs, add a cat to your mii profiles on your wii menu.  This can shave some distance off and help you get closer to 4 stars.

lift up the wii remote and pop a wheelie to go over curbs.

Press 2 to brake.

Maps of the islands, and if you want, maps with the flags numbered to show you which way to go to get the best score.  (I've been trying different routes on my own for almost 3 years now, and still can't get over 3 stars!)
*I tried one of these and STILL only got 3 stars! But I did get my shortest distance yet..  so I'm getting closer.

There are "distance reduction techniques" to help get to 4 stars.  They may be too much for my feeble mind to process while actually in the game, this will take some time http://fitgameforum.com/wiki/index.php/Island_Cycling

For instance, the above site has this entire section on "death plummets".   I'm so confused - I'll need to try them WHILE playing, and with one of my childen reading me the instructions.  :-)

"I call this type of cheat a "Death Plummet Cheat". "Death" for obvious reasons, "Cheat" because everyone knows these are cheating, and "Plummet" for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who saw Gonzo the Great in the parachuting scene behind the credits of The Muppet Movie.
There is a way to predict where they can be found, which is derived from how they appear to me to work. This way of predicting their location also indicates why some of them are easy to execute, and some are not.
Basically, it appears that you can find them on any cliff where there is something non-cyclable far below, nearer to the bottom than the top, although the definition of "nearer" is not 100% clear. Call this thing the "target". If from the top you can plummet so that you free-fall not to the cyclable zone below, but to the target, and you then fall from there to the cyclable zone, you respawn below rather than above."

Where to find them

  1. On the Mountain behind the castle above the highest green going counter clockwise jump off to hit the camel rock, it drops to the dry lake bed aiming at the flag,
  2. Just before the tunnel going down stay left over the side and stay near the cliff, drops to the road outside the Ruins,
  3. across from duck lake at the start of green jump off road toward large rock, it drops to the exit to the plateau from the tunnel with the metal ramp.
  4. Across from the Dry Lake Bed tunnel jump off to the right of the fence - drops down to the "s" shaped ledge with ball.
  5. In the field across from the ruins that if you go straight over the cliff after hitting the balloon, you reincarnate on the road (same level).

You can jump off the side of the Red Iron bridge - this youtube video shows you how:
http://youtu.be/-MHGB7ak9aQ  (Essentially, just ride through the hole in the side  - be careful not to land in the water.
* the first time I tried this, I couldn't do it, I just bounced off.  The trick is to pop a wheelie.  The second time, I went through too early and landed in the water.  The 3rd time I tried it I landed it.  :-)  

If you bike into the town last, go to the fountain, then up the ramp and there will be a blue ramp that will launch you right to the finish line.

There is a hidden beach you can cycle on - but apparently it's very hard to get to?
*I've tried a couple of times, I always just land in the water.

In free ride, you do not die - this is a great time to try jumping off of everything.  You can ride on the tops of the buildings - but it's tricky.  Brake as soon as you land on top of the building. There are more tips for riding on top of the buildings here: http://www.fitgameforum.com/wii-fit-plus-island-cycling-easter-egg-spoiler-alert-t520-10.html

if you manage to pop all twenty balloons in free course within 30 minutes, then your time will be put on a secret scoreboard for the fastest time to pop them.

This worked for me!  Even with a few mistakes, and backtracking once, I got 4 stars and my shortest distance yet.

NOT written by me - found in a forum.  How to go through the Expert course and get 4 stars:

From where you start:

#1: Go forward and get the one on the road right in front of you.

#2: Go toward the lighthouse, and it's behind the lighthouse.

#3: Go in among the windmills, one right in the middle of the them.

#4: Take road on the left--the road looks like pavement. There's a flag right under a very small tunnel.

#5: Keep on cycling on that road until you come around to the next flag.

#6: From where you got #5, take a left turn into the mountain peaks--you can go in between the 2 large peaks, keep on cycling around until you get to a ramp that leads upward into what looks like a very old temple. The flag is right in front of you when you go up the ramp. Take the same road back down to where you found flag #5.

#7: When you leave the area, take a left and head down through the man-made cave/tunnel. When you're through, you'll see the resort to your left, and the huge mountain is to your right. Keep on going down until you hit the beach. You can see a flag in front of you when you hit the beach.

#8: Keep on going along the beach, there's another one under a natural cave/tunnel (Camel Rock) that you'll hit.

#9: Go on past the previous flag and around the next plateau-ish rock on the beach is third and final flag on the beach.

#10: Go back along the path you just took and all of the way off the beach. As you are riding on the beach, for a long time, you should see a path leading up the mountain--it's a dirt/tan path. Go up this path, and you'll see one right there in front of you.

#11: From the previous flag, take a immediate right turn into a long cave/tunnel--on your map, you'll see the middle of the huge mountain (MaKa Wuhu) to your left, and it's shaped like a star/pentagon (If I remember correctly). Go into a circular sandy area and the flag in the middle.

#12: Take the same path out of the sandy area and you'll come out to flag #10's spot. From there, take a right, and follow the path. If I remember correctly, there's a flag right before you get onto the bridges.

#13: Go all the way through the bridges, and once you get off, take an immediate right. You should see the stone henge like construction before you take your right turn. There should be a flag on the green terrace. You'll see the road that you took after getting the flag among the windmills to the left. You'll end up there if you fall off the terrace, so don't do that.

#14: Now, there's a red ramp really close to a tunnel if you look to the right. I don't use the ramp to jump, instead I just ride with some decent speed and head right up the slope into the cave. The cave is a man-made cave, with a spiral steel ramp down it's middle. There's a flag at the bottom of the spiral steel ramp.
   Turn left, there is nothing to your right.

#15: From this last flag, keep on going forward and you'll end up in a small clearing really at the same elevation as about where you started. You'll see a flag in front of you. To your right but way above your head should be the bridges, and the flag you actually see is behind the waterfall, or so.

#16: Keep on the path behind the waterfall and continue onward. You'll cross a small stone bridge inside this cave. Keep on going until you see the flag in the middle of this cave.

#17: From this previous flag, you'll see an obvious exit to this cave to the left and a not so obvious exit to the right. Just take the one on the left, as the one the right doesn't lead anywhere. You'll come out, and just keep on cycling until you get to the next flag on the edge of Duckling Lake (the lake that is the source for the waterfall).

#18: Keep on circling around Duckling Lake until you see a castle with purple roofs in front of you. You can either take a path that crosses through the courtyard of the castle or you can take a little bridge to the right of the castle to get to the other side of it. The road that runs behind the castle is a large loop. I don't know which side is closer to the castle--as to minimize distance (I haven't clocked it yet using the Free Ride Course). But there's a flag way on the other side of Maka Wuhu's (the large mountain) peak. You'll see it if you just keep on cycling around. If you go up on the left side behind the castle and come around to the right side as you come back down, there's no way you'll miss it.

I think that if you turn around once you get the flag and come back the way you came, it is shorter distance, but I'm not positive.  I've also read that on the way to the castle you can stay to the left of the rock, following the edge of the lake, instead of on the path, and save a good bit of mileage..  but you have to be VERY careful not to fall into the lake.

#19: Once you're at the castle again, just cycling back along old routes until you're back down the mountain and through it so that you come out through the path under the waterfall. Come out and pass under the massive boulder/gate thing and turn left over that little stone bridge. Now make your way along that road to the large red bridge. There's a flag right on the big red bridge.

#20: Keep on going past the bridge and come into the city, there's a flag right in front of your eyes in the middle of the city.

Back to Start: From the flag in the middle of the city, take an immediate right up a ramp, then you'll be at the upper level of the city--where you'll see a blue ramp that will shoot you right into the circle where you started the whole bicycle ride.


  1. Hi Heather, are you still island cycling? I just started up again after hooking up to a big flat screen TV.

    I post on a forum discussing using the Wii for rehab after surgery. Feel free to jump on in. http://www.fitgameforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6335&p=20485#p20485

  2. I fond if I put my Wii Fit looped wide on my show laces that it records when I cycle. Hope it works for you.

  3. I find if I loop my Fitbit in a wide loop on my shoe laces that it counts my steps as I cycle. Hope that helps you too.


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