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Christmas Reads 2013

I like to read seasonally, when I can.  In November I read Thanksgiving themed  books, and starting December 1st I switched to Christmas stories.  So many of the Christmas stories are overly sappy, or over the top ridiculous cozy mysteries, but I've really enjoyed some of the stories I have read so far this year.

My 2013 Christmas Reading List:

My Favorites:

Letters From Father Christmas by JRR Tolkein.  This is a charming book of letters written by Tolkein to his children each Christmas.  The photos are beautiful.  Although I read almost exclusively ebooks, for their convenience (they are always with me when I am waiting in carpool lines, and easy to read in bed) I think I want to own the "real" copy of this book.

Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah
This one was hard for me to place.  I didn't love it.  But it stuck with me in the oddest way - keeping me from putting it on the Not My Favorites list.  It's a short story, so if you pick it up, don't quit on it when it gets really odd - it has a good ending that explains a lot if you keep with it.

Duck The Halls - Donna Andrews
This is apparently the latest book in a somewhat long series - I think this was book 16?  I enjoyed it enough to look forward to reading the rest of the series next year.  It's a cozy mystery, but not overly sappy.  There is a humorous tone to this book, and I've read that the earlier books are hysterical.

I read my first Diva book at Thanksgiving, then devoured the entire series.  Quick reads, these are among my favorite cozy mysteries.

I'm currently reading this one - so far it's good enough to make me think I might like to read more by Parker.  It's a short read, less than 200 pages, and the mystery is intriguing so far.

Not My Favorites:

Lost December by Richard Paul Evans
The parable of the prodigal son, retold.  It wasn't a bad story, it was well written.  I can't explain why I didn't love this - I just did not.  

Long.  Tedious.  

Still on my to read pile:

  • A Kidnapped Santa Claus - L. Frank Baum
  • Log Cabin Christmas Collection - Wanda Brustetter
  • An  O'Brien Family Christmas - Sheryl Woods
  • C Is For Christmas - Wiersbe
  • Christmas Carol Murder - Leslie Meir
  • A Christmas To Die For - Marta Perry
  • Decked With Folly - Kate Kingsbury
  • Eat Drink & Be Buries - Kate Kingsbury
  • Herald Of Death - Kate Kingsbury
  • Holiday Buzz - Cleo Doyle
  • Holiday Wishes - Nora Roberts
  • The Magic Of Christmas - Trisha Ashley
  • Merry Christmas Alex Cross - James Patterson
  • Mischief  & Mistletoe - Mary o Putney
  • Mistletoe And Mayhem - Kate Kingsbury
  • Mistletoe Murder - Leslie Meier
  • Rest You Merry - Charlote MacLeond
  • Cat Bearing Gifts - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • Silent Night - Mary Higgins Clark
  • The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus - L. Frank Baum
  • Snow Angel - Glenn Beck
  • Twelve Days Of Christmas - Trisha Ashley
  • What Happens At Christmas - Victoria Alexander

My 2012 Christmas reading list is here:

My favorites were:

Hercule Poirots Christmas - Agatha Christie
Christmas Sonata - Gary Paulsen
A Winter Dream - Richard Paul Evans
The Christmas Box - Richard Paul Evans
The 12 Clues Of Christmas - Rhys Bowen 
A Highland Christmas - M.C. Beaton

I liked the Rhys Bowen book so much that I read the entire Royal Spy series this year, the latest book in the series is waiting for me to read after Christmas.  


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