The Perfect Baby Blanket!

  24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects

The Perfect Baby Blanket!

I am so in love with these blankets! The weight is absolutely perfect, they take about an hour to make, and they are really cute!  

Simply take one yard of cotton print, and one yard of minky dot print, and stitch them wrong sides together.  I sewed around the edges - about 5 dots in one the long sides, and 3 dots in on the shorter sides  

Then sew whatever pattern you would like to "quilt" the two fabrics together.  I did four diagonal stripes across this one.  The dots on the minky fabric make this so simple!  

Then to finish the blanket, roll the edge over twice, and sew.  I did this rather thinly, but for the next one I'll make the edge much thicker, or use a second fabric for binding..  I didn't have a second fabric that worked well with this one.

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24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects


  1. Heather, I love using minky on baby quilts and cuddle quilts! This is a great way to make a baby blanket. I have sewn two together, turned it and top stitched, but I like the looks of this even better! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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