24 Days Of Simple Christmas Crafts - Candle Wraps

   24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects
Candle Wraps

I'm so excited about these, they are my favorite new craft.  Wrapped around a $4 candle from Michael s, these will make great hostess gifts, & teacher gifts, this Christmas.

Last year while shopping at a small, locally owned, department store, I found these:

This is a simple velcro wrap to go around a jar candle.  The possibilities for these are endless, and are going to be great for all the little cross stitch projects, felt embroidery, small quilting projects, punch needle embroidery..  there are all sorts of craft skills that could be used to make these! 

I started with felt embroidery, because it is the fastest simplest craft I know.  

The wrap is just a little bit longer than a standard felt rectangle, so I used my sewing machine to stitch a piece on each side to lengthen it.  This was the only time I used my sewing machine for this project.  The pieces could have been hand stiched, or even hot glued, or you could buy larger pieces of felt to start with.
Next time I would just sew the dark blue material, and I would do all the embroidery on the lighter blue first, then attach the lighter blue to the darker.  Or, embroider first, then add the pieces to lengthen it.  

I used a hot glue gun to attach the velcro.  Remember to put it on the front on one end (shown on the right), and the back on the other (not visible,on the left).

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24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects