24 Days of Simple Christmas Crafts - A Scarf

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects

A Very Simple Scarf

This is so simple, it is a great "learn to crochet" project.  Or you could do a fancier pattern, or knit it, if you already have experience with knitting and/or crocheting.

Charisma Loops & Threads Yarn

I like this yarn - it's soft and warm works up beautifully.  It goes on sale 2 for $5 at Michaels, although it's 2 for $7 this week.  

For the scarf above, all I am doing are 18 stitches of triple crochet, using a J/10 crochet hook.   I'll use two skeins for this scarf.  Count your stitches every row or two, to make sure you do not drop or add any stitches.  I did the amount shown above one evening while watching tv..  I'll easily finish it in a second evening.

There is a simple tutorial with photos on how to triple crochet here:
(The site above has both step by step photos, and a video tutorial)

Or go to YouTube and search triple crochet - YouTube is great for learning how to knit and crochet.

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24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects