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Heritage Ornaments

 24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects
Day #8

Materials needed:
 - Family History (I like to do a photo on one side & a brief history or genealogy on the back)
 - Ceramic Ornaments
 - Modge Podge
 - Brush to Apply the Modge Podge

Genealogy is a passion of mine. While researching, I find all sorts of interesting little tidbits - like a distant relative that wrote a hymn, or our connection to a local landmark, or pictures of a flour mill once owned by relatives...  But these can be made with just a picture of your great grandmother, and a simple genealogy list on the back.  My goal is to make a new ornament each year for the family, to pass the history along from generation to generation.


The most time consuming part of making these is the sizing.  I found it easiest to guess at size, print, then keep adjusting my sizing until it fits the ornament.  With the square and rectangular ornaments, it is simple to measure and size the photo accordingly.  With the shapes, I ended up cutting text and piecing it on the ornament, then going into my document and changing the text to match up with what I had cut and pieced - then I reprinted.  

When you brush the modge podge on it will look like glue - very opaque.  Do not worry, it will dry clear.

These ceramic ornaments are around $1.50 this time of year, but after Christmas they are often on sale for 50 cents, or even 25 cents on clearance - I stock up for the following year when they are on sale!

The first year I did these, I did not think ahead well enough.  From now on I want to do 4 extras, one for each of our children, which I will pack away for them, and then give to them all at once when they have married and have their own trees.

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24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects


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