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WFMW - Bluetooth for Walking/Podcasts

I never thought, as a stay at home mom, that I would need a bluetooth.  And lets me honest, I do not "NEED" one.  But when my dad had his last heart attack and I was being bombarded with phone calls from family while driving back and forth to the hospital every day, it became a very worthwhile luxury, to use that 20+ minutes of one way driving time to catch the family members up by phone, using bluetooth hands free while driving.
Now that I have it, I found that I love it the most when I am out for my walks.  I can download podcasts and listen while I walk, or listen to an ebook.  It is easy to listen in just one ear, and leaves my other ear "free" to hear traffic, runners & bikers, (when I am on the paths & trails) and it is easier to stop and have a conversation - no need to remove headphones.
My Favorite Bluetooth
My son had a bluetooth from Staples, he hated it.  My husband borrowed it, and was unhappy with it as well.  I bought this one, a Plantronics Mar…

Photo Calendar Comparisons

I've been working on calendars this week.  I REALLY like the prints at InkGarden, and it is super easy to use.  I'm not liking the background options so much at Sam's.  Vista Print is really cheap with the $10 off coupon this week, but it's definitely not the prettiest, or easiest to customize.  Shutterfly saves my events (birthdays, anniversary's  and lets me add them to multiple calendars year after year..  which is a really nice feature.  I'll update this post more with my favorite features and prices, as I get my calendars completed.

In years past, I would use kits to make my own - but these days the prices are low enough that it isn't worth the time, ink, and hassle..  for a couple of dollars more, I can end up with a much more professional look.

I think Groupon had some deals on Photo Calendars earlier this year, and I'm wishing I had paid more attention.  I will from now on!  Google the company + coupon and you are likely to find coupons for Shutte…

Tackle it Tuesday - Glove & Hat storage

The before pic on top is shameful.  I have no excuse.  Half of that mess is a pile of mending.  I tossed almost half of it, figuring if it was there all summer and not missed, we don't really need it.  The other half is puppy supplies. From the puppies we had here this spring.  What is supposed to be there in the summer are the pool towels, kayak bags and the middle assortment of bug sprays and sunscreens.
I spent some time looking for ideas to better organize our hats and gloves, but ended up, as seen on the bottom of the photo, with a basket of Miche covers, a stack of scarves, a crate of gloves and a stack of hats.  Simple, but I think it works for us.  Anyway, it's at least clean!  And it only took me a few minutes to fix this area.
Some of the ideas I found, but couldn't use in this space:
Shoe racks are the most popular solution, and probably what I would use if I had a door to hang one on. 
I love this sooooo much!  I do not have any wall space in my laundry room unfort…

How To Prune A Butterfly Bush

When I planted this Butterfly bush, I planted two of them.  Two years later, I trimmed the one in the fall, because it had taken over the space and blocked the back walkway.  The next year, that bush did not come back.  :-(  So for the next 5 years, I did not trim the remaining bush at all.  In the before photo it is about 12 feet tall and at least 8 feet wide.  We could no longer use the steps leading up to the deck, they are completely blocked.  (we could access the deck from the other side)  My husband had enough, he insisted it be pruned.

This is late October.  I've had lots of locals (central PA) tell me this is fine, but I've read that it should have been done late winter/early spring, so I['m concerned this won't live.  In the late winter/spring, you can cut a butterfly bush back to 1 foot - so hopefully, since we left a very good sized bush here, it will be fine.  

"As with knowing how to prune a butterfly bush, when to prune a butterfly bush is another aspe…

Curtains from Shower Curtains

When redoing our daughters bedroom, we were having trouble finding reasonably priced curtains.  Even material to make curtains was pricey - so we started looking at sheets.  And while in the aisle at Dollar General looking at Sheets (nothing in a good pattern there) we turned and spotted a cloth shower curtain that was perfect.  
It's super quick and easy to cut the curtain in half and add a pocket rod and some hems...  Fast and easy and reasonably priced!

We took the closet doors down to have the carpet installed, and then our daughter decided she liked the closet better without the doors.  We went back to Dollar General and got yet another fabric shower curtain, and hung it on a shower curtain rod across the door. 

Heritage Ornaments

24 Days Of Simple Christmas Projects Day #8

Materials needed:
 - Family History (I like to do a photo on one side & a brief history or genealogy on the back)
 - Ceramic Ornaments
 - Modge Podge
 - Brush to Apply the Modge Podge

Genealogy is a passion of mine. While researching, I find all sorts of interesting little tidbits - like a distant relative that wrote a hymn, or our connection to a local landmark, or pictures of a flour mill once owned by relatives...  But these can be made with just a picture of your great grandmother, and a simple genealogy list on the back.  My goal is to make a new ornament each year for the family, to pass the history along from generation to generation.

The most time consuming part of making these is the sizing.  I found it easiest to guess at size, print, then keep adjusting my sizing until it fits the ornament.  With the square and rectangular ornaments, it is simple to measure and size the photo accordingly.  With the shapes, I ended up cutting text and …