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Tips for Running (jogging) Faster

I want to slap people who say "the hardest part of running is getting out the door."  I have no problems getting out the door, in my sneakers.  I have regularly, for three months now.  And guess what?  Running (jogging really) is still HARD for me.  

I'm slow.  So very, very slow.  So slow that MyFitnessPal does not have an option for me under jogging, I still have to log my workout as a walk.  Talk about discouraging! Today I spent sometime reading about ways to increase my speed.  This is what I found:

Change My Mindset
This is so true for me - 
"My greatest obstacle was my mind. I convinced myself that I was a turtle, destined to run slow. Once I saw my time increase I realized I had to change my mind about my body's abilities. Instead of focusing on limitations I began to consider the possibilities."

I convince myself all the time that I will never be fast, that I am not made to run, that I am too fat, too old, too out of shape to ever be a fast runner...

Update My Playlist
When I started running this year, i didn't use music or headphones at all.  I concentrated on being able to hold a conversation (my daughter runs with me).  When I added headphones, my speed increased.  This week I noticed I ran my first half mile in 6 minutes.  To a much faster song than the others on my playlist.  After mile 1 I realized I was running slower than I needed to, I think because the song on my playlist was a slower song.

Add Some Cross Training:
"Traditional strength training is one way to improve muscle strength. Cross train with cycling, kickboxing, karate, or swimming to add interest to your workout."

I want to add some "Tabata Training" to my days as well.  See the video here:  I think especially jump rope for me, would help increase my lung capacity.

Work on my Breathing
I read a lot last year about breathing techniques, and then found I have fitness induced asthma, which an inhaler helped a lot.  This year I am not having nearly as many breathing problems, I haven't used my inhaler once yet this spring.  There are so many different thoughts on breathing when running, I am not sure what to think of any of them.  

For now, I want to concentrate on breathing through my nose.  Step one.  :-)

"Breathing through your nose using your diaphragm takes practice."

Increase my distance
"Every two weeks, increase the length of your long run. This will extend endurance limits.."

  I've been working on this at the lake each week, but really not pushing myself as much as I should.  Runners World  recommends a weekly long run of 6 miles to prepare for a 5k.  I'm only doing 4.25 now, and I walk part of it..  Our next 5K is just one month away.

"Since you are training for a 5K, try increasing your long run to six miles. Increase mileage very gradually over time by increasing your total weekly mileage by 10% a week."

Add a Once A Week Speed Work Out

"For example, if you wanted to run eight minutes per mile, your quarter-mile race pace would need to be two minutes. The workout pace per lap should in this case be 1 minute, 52 seconds. Walk for half a lap between the 400s."

There is more on speed training under Interval Work Out, here:

I'm thinking since my husband is doing the c25k, I should do it with him, and use the run times for speed.  

Spark People has charts for intervals on treadmills on 3 levels, here:

They look like this:
Intermediate Speed Program
 What to do For how long Intensity (1-10)
 Warm up at 5 mph pace 5 minutes 3.5
 Jog at 5.5 mph pace 2 minutes 5
 Jog at 5.8 mph pace 2 minutes 6
 Jog at 6.2 mph pace 5 minutes 7
 Jog at 6.4 mph pace 3 minutes 7.5
 Jog at 5.5 mph pace 4 minutes 5
 Jog at 5.8 mph pace 2 minutes 6
 Jog at 6.2 mph pace 2 minutes 7
 Jog at 6.4 mph pace 5 minutes 7.5
 Jog at 5.5 mph pace 2 minutes 5
 Cool down 5 minutes 3.5
 Total Workout Time: 37 minutes


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