Painting a worn out travel coffee cup

I've included this in my 24 days of Simple Christmas crafts, because it would be simple to paint a Christmas theme, or paint one as a gift..  but travel mugs in general make great simple gifts.  Watch for sales at Shutterfly and Ink Garden to make nice travel mugs with your photos on them.  I did one for my husband last year with our family photo (all of us in Steelers jerseys) and not only does he love it, but it has held up really well.

From This: To This:

in 5 easy steps.

(And the after will look even better if you have any actual artistic abilities...  )

Step One:
Use a brillo pad to remove the rest of the existing design.  This was a coffee mug from sheetz that I love.  It has a great lid, a great seal, and it keeps my coffee hot.  But the design wore off where I held the cup all the time.  

Step 2 - Base Coat

I used a paint named "camel" and sponged it on.  

Step 3 - Paint on your Design
(this is an after pic, I didn't get a pic of the just painted step, so it will not be this shiny at this point)
I know that painting and drawing are not my strong suits.  I could stenciled, I could have traced a design on and painted it in, or I could have even used decals or stickers.  But I love Fraktur, and I liked the idea of painting this imperfectly freehand.  

Step 4 - Modge Podge

The next thing I did was spray a clear coat onto the cup.  And then i watched all the paint (and sharpie - I used sharpie to write on the verse at the bottom) run down the cup.  Learn from my mistake.  Paint on a coat of modge podge to seal the paint on the cup.  I probably could have stopped there, or added a couple more coats and left it at that..  but I chose to add the clear coat, which made the cup shiny and smooth.

Step 5 - Clear Coat