Finishing up some Dishcloths

Part of my 52 Projects in 2013, where I am trying to use up some of the supplies in my craft closet, finish half finished projects, and finally get to some of the projects I have had in the back of my mind for a long time.

I had some cotton yarn leftovers in the craft closet, so I pulled it out and quickly made up a few dishcloths. In the process, I remembered how much I really enjoy making these.  So quick and easy!

My favorite "pattern" is two rows of double crochet, one row of triple crochet.  Repeat. 

I have a lot of cotton yarn in a pink and green variegated color.  I think it would make nice wash cloths.  Add in some home made bars of soap, and they might be Christmas gifts this year...

I'm looking at pattern ideas here:
and I think I want to try this one:

and this pinterest board has so many great patterns!