What is BSF? (Bible Study Fellowship)


BSF is an abbreviation for Bible Study Fellowship.

BSF is a worldwide International Bible Study Class, held once a week September through May.   New members can join the first week of the month, when introductory classes are held.

BSF uses a 4 fold approach to learning:

Each week we arrive, children are taken to their classes (there are classes for preschool children, and the children must be enrolled before they can attend) and the adults gather in the sanctuary.  We sing a song or two, hear some announcements, and are dismissed to our small groups.

Each year you will be assigned to a new small group.  Your leader will be trained, and will attend a meeting the night before to go over what we are discussing that day.  The small group discussion will be on topic, no denominations can be mentioned, and they ask that we discuss only our study, no additional books or resources, but only the bible.  The questions we discuss are from the homework the week before.  After covering all of the questions, prayer requests are shared.  

From there we are dismissed back to the sanctuary, where we will sing another song, then hear a lecture on the study.  Bring a notebook for taking notes!

At the end of the lecture, we pick up our homework for the next week.  It will be several pages, and will include notes to read, then a bible passage to read and questions to answer from that passage for each day leading up to the next weeks study.  

Homework takes approximately 20 minutes a day - sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how fast you read, and how challenging the questions are for you personally that week.  Every week someone will be completely stumped by some of the questions - don't worry, it happens to ALL of us.  :-)    

This is the link to my post right after I started BSF.  Two years later, I am still so impressed with the BSF format!http://fieldsofhether.blogspot.com/2010/10/bsf-bible-study-fellowship.html

What We Are Studying:

This year is Genesis.  

The studies in order are:
The Life of Moses
History of Israel and the Minor Prophets
Acts of the Apostles

Where It Is Held:

 "In all, there are over 1,000 BSF classes with 200,000 class members in 38 nations across six continents! Over 800 of the classes are held in the U.S. "

Our local class is held at Community Baptist Church in Montoursville, Pa


Community Baptist is approximately 2 miles north of Interstate 180 on Route 87 in Montoursville. We are located in the beautiful valley of the Loyalsock Creek. 

1853 State Route 87
Mountoursville, PA 17754

The class I attend is on wednesday mornings from 9-11am.
  New members can join the first week of each month, when introductory classes are held.  

To find what classes are available:

What You Should Bring:
A bible
A pen
Paper to write on

This is the notebook I made the first year:

It was overkill.  :-)  Last year I used a smaller binder..  this year I'm planning to use a 3 subject notebook - the kind with folder dividers, using the folders for prayer requests, and this weeks notes.  The previous weeks notes I will store in the filing cabinet here at home, rather than dragging them all back and forth each week.