Keeping Finn Company...

or trying to steal his pillow, I'm not really sure which.  :-)

Last week Finn had emergency surgery to remove his eye.  He's around 10 years old, as near as the vet can tell, and both of his eyes have (had) severe cataracts.  One of his popped out last week.  I admit, I was hyperventilating pretty good.  There was severe clotting behind his eye, and it could not be saved.

Because his remaining eye also has a severe cataract, he is mostly blind.  We think he can see some light and shadows, but he has been running into things the past few weeks.  It's much worse right now with the cone on, I think the cone gets in his way, and hope that when he gets it off next week it will be easier for him.

Poor guy.  Dan hopes Daisy will become a sort of seeing eye dog for him...  but I'm not sure.  Right now she just seems confused.