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Corn In the Kettle - Take Two

We did a second "Corn Day" here at the farm.  It went so fast - we were done by 11am!

We had a large crew - a lot more kids were helping this time around.  Many hands make light work!
Addie was happy to "help" some more too!
The Cutting Station

Luke removing the corn from the kettle
from the kettle, into coolers of cold water
Mainly spectators, they came to watch, then hung around to chat for a bit.  :-)

Coffee Mugs I loved -

Found these in the Shady Maple Gift Shop -

Front - A Happy Home is is made with Love Back - and Caffeine, Lots and lots and lots of Caffeine
Front - God First Back - Coffee Second

I was not impressed with the restaurant, but the gift shop here (which is the entire downstairs and roughly the size of our mall here at home!) was a lot of fun to browse.

Sidewalk / Grass Edger

I LOVE this thing.  It's easy to use, and cleans the sidewalks up so nicely!  I don't know where my mother in law got them, she gave this to us years before we moved to the farm.

Crock Pickles

I read about Crock Pickles in The Dirty Life, and couldn't wait to try it!
Pickles in the brine
I have seen pickle lids for crocks, and never knew what they were!  They are discs with holes in them, that fit in the crock to hold the pickles down in the brine.  I opted for fabric weighted down with some corel ware.
The crocks, back on the shelf in my kitchen - same place I store the crocks when they are empty...

OPEN CROCK DILL PICKLES Printed from COOKS.COM grape leaves
fresh dill leaves, stems or seeds
mixed pickling spices
12 lbs. freshly picked cucumbers
Pickling solution
2 gallons cold water
1 pint vinegar
1 lb canning or Kosher salt In a 4 gallon crock with a lid, place a layer of grape leaves, then one of fresh dill leaves, stems and/or seeds. Over these, scatter 1 oz. mixed pickling spices. Fill with evenly sized cucumbers to within 2 or 3 inches of top.Scatter another ounce of spices, another layer of dill, and then a layer of grape leaves. Over this, pour a mixture of 2 gallons…

Glass Cleaner Recipe

I mixed up a batch of glass cleaner this week, and finally remembered to take a pic of the ingredients, to update this old post with the recipe.  Nothing fancy..  super easy to make, and this works SO well!  I used it to clean my car this week, it did a great job there too.

Although this is an awesome no streak glass cleaner - it's also fantastic on things like the bathroom counters, the kitchenaid mixer, and the washer and dryer.  :-)
1  Cup Ammonia
1 bottle of rubbing alcohol
1tbsp Ivory dish liquid

Combine first 2 ingredients in a empty gallon jug.
Fill the rest of the jug with water
At the end put is tbsp dish liquid.
Shake gently to mix all together.

The Spirit Gives... self discipline??

I have been struggling with my diet and exercise plan.  It is simple enough to follow, I just lack self discipline.Today I logged into YouVersion to read Colossians (I'm reading Colossians every day this month) and this was the verse of the day:2 Timothy 1:7 NIV
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.I don't know how many times I have read the book of Timothy, but it is safe to assume I have read this verse more than 5 times.  At least.So how did I miss it?  The Spirit God gave me gives me self dicipline.So I must have self discipline.Leaving the question, why do I not see self discipline in my life?  Why am I not using what God has given me?  How can I better tap into this resource in my life?  I suspect the answer is that I will need to practice it. The more I use it, the easier it will become, and the better I will get with it.

A greek cheeseburger

From the Main Street Grill in Muncy. These are sooooo good!

Homiletics Worksheet

One of my favorite seminars at BSF was on Homiletics.  I love the process of studying the bible through Homiletics.  Recently my friend Natalie taught our Sunday School class how to do homiletics, and again I found I really enjoyed the process, and I decided I wanted to use it more frequently.

There is a great "Crash Course In Homiletics" here -
Earlier this summer our Pastors wife suggested, in our Womens Sunday School Class, that we choose one epistle and read it every day, for a month.  I love this bible reading plan.  I have used many plans over the years, and have read the bible cover to cover a few times now, so the idea of really learning one epistle at a time felt like a good next step for me.
For the month of August, I am reading Colossians every day.  It is only 4 chapters, a quick, easy read every morning.  I decided the 4 chapters made it perfect to use homiletics for my weekly study, doing one chapter each week…

Watching Aryiana (Goat) give birth

I took these photos this spring when the babies were born - they have been sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded.  The twins have done great, and are big now!
We knew Aryiana was in labor by the way she was acting..  she was pawing the ground, and kept going into the shelter and trying to get comfortable.  Right before the babies were born she cried a bit, we could hear her, and by the time I got around the fence and into the shelter the first baby was already here.

Corn in the Kettle - Take One

This was my first time inviting people to come do corn at the farm.  At first I wasn't sure anyone would show up, then I was afraid too many would show up and we wouldn't have enough corn, then I worried the corn wouldn't be good, then I worried the kettle wouldn't work...
It didn't all go quite as smoothly as my ideal vision (NOTHING in life does) but overall, not bad.  We do it again on Tuesday, and I think I can be even better prepared.  It took a lot longer today than I thought it would, but a lot of that was getting my own kids motivated, and setting up things I forgot about - like coolers with cold water for when the corn came out of the kettle, and containers for holding the corn that we were cutting off the husk. Lori, a relative, drove 2 hours to do corn here, and she happened to be a pampered chef representative. I am in LOVE with the pampered chef kernel cutter, and highly recommend it for anyone doing a lot of corn!  This is not our grandmothers kernel…

Here's To Not Catching Our Hair On Fire

From the title (I have caught my hair on fire! And I've been distracted by a chicken too!) I thought this would be a fun read.

It was not. I'm really not sure why I finished it. I would not spend that much time listening to a person in real life who could not go 6 sentences without a string of swear words. It's even less endearing in a book. Her stories of abuse, being drugged, drinking too much, flitting from job to job, and drug use were just not funny. Her life wasn't funny. Her book isn't funny. The author thinks her life is a riot.

This book is like sitting down with a person you vaguely know, only to get their entire torrid life story, all with the attitude that none of what happens to them is in their control. Life just happens, and all the scatterbrained inability to keep a job is from a medical diagnosis, NOT from the weed they smoke. Or all the times they get drunk. Getting arrested is great fun, an adventure! (Yes, she really says this - in great detail…

The Dirty Life

"In my experience, tranquil and simple are two things farming is not.  Nor is it lucrative, stable, safe, or easy. Sometimes the work is enough to make you weep.  But most days I wake up grateful that I found it - tripped over it, really - and that I'm married to someone who feels the same way."

This book had been on my to read list for awhile, but when Walden Effect chose it as the book club selection, I finally bought it and read it.
There is a lot about this book that makes me nuts.  The decision to put 18,000  (their entire savings) into a farm they didn't even own, nor have any guarantee they would be able to use beyond the first year, baffled me.   The constant surge of people giving them things, loaning them things, and in general helping them was so unreal, I couldn't imagine it.  We've always known our local farmers to be generous, but the amount of help they received was just mind boggling.  I was puzzled by all the friends that came to visit - where …

Hawk w/ his dinner

As I drove into our lane last week, we startled this hawk, who was carrying off his dinner: