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Farm & Garden 7/16/12

The wind storm last week took a toll on my tomato plants, almost snapping them, and bending them over. I used coflex (the tape we use on the horses legs when they are injured) to wrap the damaged stems and stake them up.
The Upper Garden
The sunflowers started opening up this week
The corn is in tassel, we should have sweet corn in about 2 weeks
The Turkeys are getting big! I'm trying to figure out how to get them out on grass safely..  they all fly to well to put them in the pen we built for them.

the pumpkin patch, week one.

One of the pumpkin plants. They have gotten bigger in the last week.. but they are still small.

Bartering For Adeline

So we get home from our morning run, and Dh's brother in law comes up the lane on the 4 wheeler.  "Some foreign guy dropped a calf off while you were gone."

LOL!  Welcome to my life.  Not a calf, a goat.

About a year ago some of you may remember that our greek friend stopped by, and in broken english, informed me "your husband teach me to drive tractor.  I bring you good goat."  Sure enough, he brought us a great goat - Horton, our current billy.

This year the same man was buying a lot of hay from us.  He bought it to resell, and the man he was selling to was not always prompt in paying him, which stressed him out, because that made it difficult for him to pay us.  I told him to stop bringing me cash, and to just bring me goats instead.

So today, he delivered payment for some hay.  I've been wanting another LaMancha, the only one I have is very, very old.  I know she doesn't have many years left.  I also have a thing for spots.  Dan cringes anytime …

Farm work Monday - Castrating, Worming, CD&T

Getting ready Dan read recently that if you castrate either on day 1, or 3 months, it is less stressful for the steers.  This one is about 3 and a half months, and he does not seem stressed at all.
CD&T for the 3 month old goats Daisy, supervising

Puzzle Junkie Challenge


To Qualify - 

1 Found Puzzle Caches in at least three (3) States and list the three states in your find log. 2. Have found at least 50 Mystery caches and post/publish that cache list(a minimum of 50) on this challenge page. Our Puzzle Junkie Bookmark List - Pennsylvania  Some of our favorites in PA are: The Legend of the 7 Gi's - I think this was our first ever night cache. This one was our first experience with geoart, or waypoint art - This Geo Addiction Series was one of my favorite series of caches of all time - I'm sorry to see it is archived. Our kids were homeschooled, so caches like this one using the fibonacci code became school work - http://www.geocachi…

Brown Genealogy Photobook at Shutterfly

Click here to view this photo book largerThe new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.